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  • Avatar for andrijasmith
    Early Porcupine Tree is all I hear here.
  • Avatar for zombiesaresmart
    classy :D
  • Avatar for rareblood
    superbly superb
  • Avatar for The_Cole_Train
    Agree with some of the things said in here, there is so much Pink Floyd influence in this song it's unreal. Great instrumental, really sets up the rest of the album perfectly with the bleed into Goshen's Remains.
  • Avatar for zox09
    Love it.
  • Avatar for andymadden
  • Avatar for thire5
    awesome guitar!!
  • Avatar for alspiers
    Good sound.
  • Avatar for kikikirsche
  • Avatar for lilywildchild
  • Avatar for eurorocker
    nice, i can hear the Pink Floyd influence.....very nice.
  • Avatar for i4thashorties
    cool song.. just sounded like an intro that never matured...
  • Avatar for Duffdang
    I dig the chick......I'd lick her.........
  • Avatar for muraliavarma
    I love that strut or whatever that change of beat is at 3:23. For me, this song stands out from the rest of their stuff...
  • Avatar for Afungi
    fucking brilliant track
  • Avatar for vishaalio
    I wish there was a way to "adore" a track.
  • Avatar for snibro
    nice track
  • Avatar for patmanikin
  • Avatar for muraliavarma
    awesome piece of music. god of astronaut+pink floyd+porcupine tree = ;) [2]
  • Avatar for ghossciu
    awesome piece of music. god of astronaut+pink floyd+porcupine tree = ;)
  • Avatar for plasmazombie
    This song just hit me.
  • Avatar for Scapeswood
  • Avatar for deadwing1411
    great atmosphere
  • Avatar for videohead88
    pink floyd? no? who? PRR? what ever its goood!
  • Avatar for TheRaz0rEdge is their best song yet! And the amazing parts: (1) It's an instrumental and (2) it's their first song ever! It sounds like Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Godspeed You! Black Emperor all together!
  • Avatar for richardrw
    it's like electronica or ambient music played on instruments instead of generated by synthesisers....for what purpose and to what end i'm not does nothing for me's soulless and devoid of merit...
  • Avatar for rotw
    So much Pink Floyd in there; I love it!
  • Avatar for sillyrich
    Man, Im so glad I was turned on to this band!!
  • Avatar for Mmmone
    Got LSD.....?
  • Avatar for Timalat
    Lovely song))
  • Avatar for Bledsitter
    One of those songs that sounds good first thing after you wake up.
  • Avatar for hnava
    what happened to the lyrics
  • Avatar for rbx
  • Avatar for Mitch_17
    Awesome song!
  • Avatar for b_mouse
    Definetely a Pink Floyd sound alike!! Amazing, Un descrubrimiento musical agradable
  • Avatar for porcify
    Steven Wilson himself "told" me about them :)
  • Avatar for Shankster_fm
    Love this band....Just when I though Steven Wilson was alone in this world where "the sound of music, Comes in silver pills, Engineered to suit you, Building cheaper thrills -sound of muzak, ptree" Go PRR!! awesome!
  • Avatar for sandilyon
    está bien está bien también suena a Porcupine tree
  • Avatar for Floydje
    Masterpiece! Floydish indeed
  • Avatar for Ajronek
    pinkish floydish :)
  • Avatar for gabox2112
    Retro- Psicodelicus, space, art pop, Yeah the pure reason of revolution is here......
  • Avatar for rotting_schntzl
    shine on, you crazy diamonds!
  • Avatar for HalfLightPT
    A perfect opening song to a perfect album! :)
  • Avatar for Cerecero
    Según yo, no es tan floydesco, es más post... digamos porcupineesco (de porcupine tree). Quizá las vocales evoquen más los ensambles corales de queen que a los beach boys como inadecuadamente señala la descripción.
  • Avatar for lauanddisorder
    Roll on Saturday!
  • Avatar for Drood
    Good stuff.
  • Avatar for andres136
    Para mì, un descubrimiento
  • Avatar for zbharucha
    Pink Floyd-ish for sure!
  • Avatar for Arthur_Dent_42
    *spaced out*
  • Avatar for ionicpentameter
    i'm having a wonderful time absorbing this track


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