• December (and a bit of January): Nine and a half (9.5) album reviews

    8 Jan 2008, 17:47 by nicebutnubbly

    The Conscious Daughters - random downloads
    Rating: 2/4 Kept: 100%
    The name sounded promising and the songs were free downloads, so as part of my recent quest for awesome female emcees I checked them out. Not for me; YMMV. Their voices were a little annoying and so were the lyrics.

    Black ElephantEat This Album
    Rating: 2.59/5 Kept: 100%
    Very mixed review, here. I bought the album because someone had given me a few tracks – I Know and one other – that I liked a lot. And I kept almost liking a lot of the tracks here, too – I'd get halfway through and rate it a four and then suddenly there would be pimpin' and hos and I would re-rate it down. I ended up with a high standard deviation that doesn't show in the average; most of the album was rated "2" which for me is "I didn't totally hate it, but I'll probably never listen to it again." But three songs (Beautiful Minds, The Joint, Invitation to A Beheading) went into high rotation. …