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  • rolando9731

    Good song!

    March 2013
  • Alex_Darkness


    February 2013
  • MichelleHayward

    best song ever!!!1

    September 2012
  • Offino

    Should be on album

    April 2012
  • hallo_spacegirl

    woooaaahhh this is awesome

    October 2011
  • nahemah

    love it so much

    August 2011
  • loversvhaters

    favorite pulp song. also, sounds a lot like a phillip glass knee play.

    July 2010
  • PulpJunkie

    "Try it; you might like it. But you might smudge your lipstick".

    January 2010
  • nicapues

    ay, jarvis...

    June 2009
  • HalbWesen

    Good god Candida!

    May 2009
  • MilChaos

    Ammmmazing and so lovely track.

    April 2009
  • KevInSweden

    Try it You might like it ... but you might smudge your lipstick

    February 2009
  • rompefittekuk

    Pervy, sexy, and an incredible OW! at around 3:18.

    December 2008
  • vanitycentral

    Your Sister's Clothes > Everything on His 'N' Hers except Pink Glove, David's Last Summer and Lipgloss

    September 2008
  • NightMoves

    This is actually one of the greatest songs ever written and performed. It's better than anything on His N Hers and practically any other song you could care to name (by Pulp or anyone else). The fact that it was a B-side is even more incredible.

    July 2008
  • FluffySpider

    This song has a great chorus...Candida Doyle sure knew how to make those synths and keyboards sound beatifully melancholy and yet wonderfully poppy, they define Pulp's sound almost as much as the lyrics.

    January 2008