• The 10 best songs from...

    9 May 2011, 21:20 by borntohang

    A "guide" of sorts to three of the most important english pop groups.


    1. No Distance Left to Run
    - For the despair, the lyrics, the guitars, the impenetrable darkness and Damon's bleeding heart.

    2. Fool's Day
    - For the timeless and brilliant pop-melody, the simple yet beautiful lyrics about everyday life and also for Graham's signature guitars. And for the fact that this was their comeback song. I love a good comeback.

    3. Clover Over Dover
    - For it's theme of impossible love and suicide. For it's crystal clear pop-sense and ditto production.

    4. Out of Time
    - For the melancholy and sadness in Damon's voice and the incredible vocal melody, combined with the fantastic lyrics on how everyday life gets us down and time just keeps slipping away.

    5. Battery in Your Leg
    - For it's incredibly sad melody/atmosphere/guitars/lyrics. A song made for crying to.

    6. Death Of A Party
    - For it's beautiful contempt for common socializing and also for it's ominous soundscape. Brilliant stuff this.
  • Year 2008 in music

    3 Jan 2009, 23:49 by kuzzzma

    Top artists of year 2008
    1 The Beta Band 1,172 - every time i hear them, i discover something new in every song.
    2 Brazzaville 1,089 - one of all time favourits, new album was released in february '08.
    3 Pulp 972 - pure pleasure.
    4 I Am Kloot 612 - another long-lasting favourite
    5 Belle and Sebastian 587 - 1/5 of this count goes to 1 (!) song
    6 The Divine Comedy 581 - mmm.. voice of neil hannon
    7 天門 500 - "5cm per second" was a love from first screencap i saw.
    8 The Waterboys 483
    9 The Beatles 429 - my father used to say: "if you don't know what music to put on - The Beatles is a solid choice", he was right after all.
    10 菅野よう子 427 - oh, YOKO, you turn me on!
    11 鷺巣詩郎 419
    12 増田俊郎 412 - Mushishi was a thing that helped me to get through super-overly-stressed autumn, a little dose of serenity every now and then.
    13 Kula Shaker 386
    14 Jackson C. Frank 358 - i can't listen to Nick Drake ever again
    15 Dario Marianelli 329 - Atonement and Pride & Prejudice soundtracks