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  • Avatar for DopeLaSoul
    Before I became a Hip Hop Head this was my favourite Hip Hop song of all time. It's still one of my favourites though!
  • Avatar for Vod_Crack
    I know this song got popular after the Paralympics in London but it is weird to see it getting more plays than songs like Fight the Power and Don't Believe the Hype, week after week.
  • Avatar for Druid66
    Brilliant stuff.
  • Avatar for padansk
    thats the state of the game
  • Avatar for S4EEDR3ZA
    as soon as I heard it on End of Watch I had to pause the film and download the tune [2] That is one groovy beat.
  • Avatar for Alin_
  • Avatar for LucyMay1996
  • Avatar for nhjz01
    I had to find this song when watching "Eric Koston's part 2 @ Lakai Fully Flared"
  • Avatar for ukulelelab
  • Avatar for Tazabelle
    just like THAT
  • Avatar for export88
    Terminator X !!! The greatest to ever hit a turntable? Idk, but he's up there...
  • Avatar for LostImeem
    I've watched this music video so many times on Xfinity On Demand.
  • Avatar for ajcatterson
    new flavours, old masters
  • Avatar for steerpike20
    Assumed that these guys faded away from their days of greatness after the slack Music-n-r-message back in the 90s - never heard this before - and this is cocking genius
  • Avatar for DjMissedaFlow
    This is an incredible song on so many levels. Further evidence as to why Hip Hop is such a beautiful artform- M.F
  • Avatar for Soychingon
    end of watch
  • Avatar for always_peng
    Bring on the trumpets
  • Avatar for Rhen1um
    You know what I'm sayin'?
  • Avatar for Citizen1
    haha yep... as soon as I heard it on End of Watch I had to pause the film and download the tune. Such a good one!
  • Avatar for heliwolf420
    End of Watch, from the first second I heard the beat I knew 'd be listening to this for a while. Sick film and a really sick song.
  • Avatar for GregN
    First heard it in End of Watch too and had to find out what it was. Great track
  • Avatar for ivomc
    thanks to the "end of watch" I got to know this one. love it.
  • Avatar for Luky7
  • Avatar for Voltagx
    oooolld skoool
  • Avatar for Cox_of_Seagulls
    they've still got it
  • Avatar for Separatepowers
    What goes on!!.....yeah cut the crap
  • Avatar for Prederick
    Lips bigger than Jagger, not saggin' Spell it backwards, I'mma leave it at that.. That ain't got nuttin to do with rap
  • Avatar for iyers
    Shirley Bassey - Jezahel
  • Avatar for ltbarbrady
  • Avatar for benedikt07
    Love it!
  • Avatar for andrewirving
  • Avatar for Doxzur
    Yeah that's right Public Enemy man, that's what you gotta do! Just like that!
  • Avatar for Chaffro
    Public Enemy number one on Last FM.
  • Avatar for Zoonie
    For 'the' paralympics, not theirs. You get me.
  • Avatar for Zoonie
    The stunning brilliance of this has just been used to amazing effect in the UK Channel Four's promotional film for their Paralympics. Seek it out and watch it, it's amazing. What am I saying - here's the URL, might not work in the US without some IP funny business:
  • Avatar for aandy
    this is just awesome!
  • Avatar for kubel104
    classic. Can't wait for Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap by Ice-T ;D
  • Avatar for username382
    best skatesong and best fucking flow ever! :D ♥ [4]
  • Avatar for JWylie94
  • Avatar for Riverstokes
    Off the hook!
  • Avatar for pkflyers
    best skatesong and best fucking flow ever! :D ♥ [3]
  • Avatar for Ariues2
    when is this from? this couldve dropped yesterday for all i know.
  • Avatar for Ariues2
    rap needs to go back to dubbing and shit and give up the auto tune thing man
  • Avatar for Thinspread
    this sounds off beat
  • Avatar for punk4lifeBTV
  • Avatar for pavskies
  • Avatar for DunsKAP
    best skatesong and best fucking flow ever! :D ♥ [2]
  • Avatar for MATTEOzwala
  • Avatar for 3dollarbill
    I can dig this.
  • Avatar for brenoporra


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