• Psyborn Eye - Where Time Is Gone (EP) Lyrics

    18 Jan 2010, 18:54 by Andrew_Vermin

    Psyborn Eye - Where Time Is Gone (EP)

    06:00 - You Numbers

    Delivering blood to wicked mind,
    A lot of oxygen for free -
    Your own cell for red and white.
    You are dead branch on family tree.
    You're still suspicious from your face,
    You have no patience to survive,
    You hate whole fucking human race -
    You need an evidence of life.
    That colored pictures from within...
    You are devoured by serious sign.
    You have an only way to win -
    Fuck off, fuck all and cross the line.
    Your own rebellion tear you out,
    A pack of pain to satisfy.
    And when your heart still brings you blood,
    You force your head to testify.

    You have inspired immortal friend,
    You talk to him without a words
    With only voices in your head.
    Too much to cut, too much awards.
    Path of recall - they'll be destroyed.
    Scarifications of the rain
    Still brings in life a part of void,
    And it will be the darkest reign.
    You sacrifice ballistic strike,
    From point to point harvesting force.