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Psychedelic Trance and Ambient Act

All tracks available for free download at the following website: http://www.terkud.com/

To make a short story an even shorter one : I have been composing solo, working on mind altering music, while living in Japan.

Always, I tried to produce creative and original music, going away from the usual boring standards and the commercial connotation of trance as the current established musical form …

My compositions are influenced by psytrance, as I especially like this form of trance. However, I am tired of always hearing the same old type of goa sounds that are commonly used in it. Therefore, I am introducing an experimental style where I believe psychedelic trance should head towards. It is the way I would like to see it evolve … because I know it is a good thing to change the sound of a genre to keep it from getting old.

Take care, stay cool, and have a beautiful trippy day !


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