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  • Avatar for OcellatedGod
    Sounds like Toy Waits. [2]
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    a comfy cosy sound. like sitting in front of a three bar fire drinking tea on a wet wednesday afternoon.
  • Avatar for piroman42
    Sounds like Toy Waits.
  • Avatar for joaonubile
    Grey's Anatomy. <3
  • Avatar for marc2003
    the new album is great. my faith in psapp has been restored. (:
  • Avatar for fukmeimfamous
    Yay, new album!!! And yay, it's amazing!!!!
  • Avatar for marc2003
    i only just found out a new album is on the way. i can't wait - i just hope it's better than the camel's back. that was disappointing after how amazing the first two albums are.
  • Avatar for semuschka
  • Avatar for timmyvirus
    What a fun band! Love their playful sounds.
  • Avatar for KingKlear
    @ohnehinundaber ...and I seem to be the first one to scrobble it...
  • Avatar for ohnehinundaber
    New song:
  • Avatar for NLittleFish
    I forgot about these guys... they still get repeated in my library, but I thought "I haven't heard anything from them recently..." nice to hear they aren't dead, I eagerly look forward to whatever new material they bring to the table :D
  • Avatar for R_Victor
    Cosy in the Rocket <3
  • Avatar for PopKaa
    oh man they are too good
  • Avatar for withoutme91
    let's have a bite of raw meat.
  • Avatar for Debie-chan
    Also, from their facebook (and that's a message from the last year): "Sorry we've been so quiet.... we're not dead... just very slowly writing and tinkering xx"... That means that they've been recording since August last year? That's good, because we're probably going to hear new material soon!
  • Avatar for Debie-chan
    @Jeremmy27 Apparently, yes! Galia, on her website ( , said "as well as working in a new Psapp record". They also gave a interview in July (, where they say something about that: "I heard you’re working on a new album. How’s that coming along and is there any food that gives you that extra boost to create? Carim: It’s coming along nicely, supported by a strict diet of too much cake and PG Tips [tea]. Galia: Carim and I have a very good symbiotic relationship where I obsessively bake cake and he eats unbelievable amounts of it. At our last session we ate loads of cheap chocolate and crisps. I do like the extremes of good food and crappy processed rubbish — there’s a place in my heart for both."
  • Avatar for Danieru-Chan
    eating spiders is loveeee [2]
  • Avatar for HeitorBantim
  • Avatar for Jeremmy27
    Are they working on new album?
  • Avatar for hoppidik
    boring vocals with nice music
  • Avatar for wubb2yoo
    Criminally underrated. & Please keep making moar music. & Come tour in the US.
  • Avatar for BrynnerFell
    Needs more cats.
  • Avatar for tuhde
    eating spiders is loveeee
  • Avatar for jackcday
    I have never seen you come up to Manchester. Please make it so in 2012! x [2]
  • Avatar for thaynalmeida
  • Avatar for c-child
    I have never seen you come up to Manchester. Please make it so in 2012! x
  • Avatar for polisherci
    Oh I'm so glad I found this incredible band I used to love in high school! <3
  • Avatar for BrynnerFell
    Yes, I think they deserve to be about six times as famous.
  • Avatar for Debie-chan
    Such an underrated duo. More people should know them.
  • Avatar for NikaBee
  • Avatar for Amanda_81
    An article about Psapp:
  • Avatar for LuliusCaesar
    Need to listen to them more often! They are unique! ALL that amazing background-little sounds!!!
  • Avatar for Arcturne
    I hope they make a new album soon. lovely feline tunes.
  • Avatar for meredith999
    The Only Thing I Ever Wanted is something very, very special...
  • Avatar for BrynnerFell
  • Avatar for ejhony
    grey's <3
  • Avatar for theXmodernXage
    "this way" listen to it.
  • Avatar for MarianneRoos
    :) love 'Cosy in the rocket', heard it a trillion times on grey's anatomy but the whole song is just so much nicer than that small bit in the themesong.
  • Avatar for vanessamoreno
    fix it < is the best
  • Avatar for ulinis
    Here's a link: !
  • Avatar for ulinis
    Just discovered this band, nice music! Cosy in the rocket sounds like music by the Finnish electro/pop group Regina. Check them out :)
  • Avatar for chiocca
    wow i like you a lot
  • Avatar for Top-Display
    Monster song^^
  • Avatar for Lurholm
    I don't watch Grey's Anatomy so I didn't know about the theme song. But this band was a great big positive surprise. Like.
  • Avatar for marfeybabyyy
    greys. <3
  • Avatar for GooWe
  • Avatar for markitish
    My favourite band.
  • Avatar for meredith999
    Gumowe kurczaki?! Pluszowe koty?!! :P
  • Avatar for marisaharun
    new album, please!


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