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There are two bands called Prudence. One is a UK band, who is called Prudence. (that is Prudence. with a full-stop. The full-stop added just to differentiate between the two here on Last.fm).

The Norwegian rock band Prudence is one of the most legendary Norwegian rock bands and were one of the leading rock bands from they formed 1969 until they disbanded in 1975. The band was founded in Namsos, Nord-Trøndelag (North Trøndelag) in Mid-Norway. The band was heavily influenced by bands such as Jethro Tull, The Band and The Beatles and is often mentioned as a group influenced by folk and folk rock. The band was named after the song Dear Prudence by The Beatles.

Prudence was playing a type of rock music no one else did in Norway and dominated the scene in Norway in the 1970's along bands such as progressive psychedelia groups Popol Vuh (later Popol Ace) and Aunt Mary.

They differed from other bands as they made some tracks with english lyrics and others with Norwegian lyrics in their dialect, trøndersk.

Some of their most well-known songs are: Mild Grey Fog, 14 Pages, Æ e trønder æ, Tomorrow May Be Vanished, Kom igjæn kara and Det e langt igjæn te Royal Albert Hall.

The lead singer Åge Aleksandersen is often named The Grandfather of Norwegian Rock and has been a very successfull solo artist since the break-up of Prudence. The band broke up because of internal fights and some of the members didn't talk to each other in years.

The band cosisted of:
Åge Aleksandersen
Terje Tysland
Johan Tangen
Kjell Ove Riseth
Kaare Skevik
Per Erik Wallum

Tomorrow may be vanished (LP 1972, CD 1990)
Drunk and happy (LP 1973, LP 1990/95)
No. 3 (LP 1974, CD 1990)
Takk te dokk (LP 1975, CD 1990)
11/12-75 (LIVE LP 1976, CD 1992/2004)
If only yesterday could be today, greatest hits (LP 1976)
The legendary Prudence tapes, vol.1 (LP/CD 1992)
Det det va (CD 2005)

Into the fire/Kom bli med til København (single, 1970)
Small things in life/Hairy fairies (single, 1971)
My new day/The sky gets blue (single, 1971)
What man has made of man/North in the country (single, 1972)
Drunk and happy/Sitting bull (single, 1973)
Bells ringing/Bilbo and Frodo (single, 1974)
Takk te dokk/Æ e trønder æ (single, 1975)

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