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  • Top 10 Albums of 2011

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    This is the first year I really tried to keep up with releases, but it turns out I picked a bad year for that. As I said in my top songs list, 2011 sucked for albums. It was a major release year - a ton of prominent artists released a new album this last year, and almost all of them were disappointments on some level... including ones that are actually making this list. That is what I find most disappointing - that my top 10 list has albums that were, in general, disappointing. It was also a great year for me though, in that I discovered artists I wouldn't have otherwise. Several of those are making this list as well. What's most important though is that I discovered artists this year that didn't release anything new. This proves that, with all the disappointment, there is always great stuff already out which must be heard!

    Now, on with the list....

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  • Protest The Hero - Scurrilous (2011)

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    I thought I didn't think much of this album but then I heard the ending riff of Tapestry and the beginning of Dunsel and I decided that I might actually like this album. Protest the Hero has been a constant grower for me and their style, the chaotic mixture of semi-epic vocals, confusing riffs and well-calculated instrumental phases, has never driven the final stake into my ears. Fortress and Kezia were both excellent albums, even though I had some difficulties in adapting to them and I didn't expect any less from this album when I heard they had published another piece of art.

    The problem is that I was also sort of hoping for a shift to another direction. They're great at what they do but if a band has been called progressive, you start expecting the same progression from them in every album. Progression, after all, means doing progress, bringing something forward. …
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    I. End of year lists
    II. Albums I listened to (plus those I deleted)
    III. EPs, splits and singles I listened to
    IV. Albums I didn't get to
    V. EPs, splits and singles I didn't get to

    Thanks to anyone who reads this. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    I. TOP 20 LPs OF 2011!

    1. Radiohead – The King of Limbs
    2. Touché Amoré – Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me
    3. Africa Hitech – 93 Million Miles
    4. Thursday – No Devolución
    5. Trap Them – Darker Handcraft
    6. Shabazz Palaces – Black Up
    7. Battles – Gloss Drop
    8. Colin Stetson – New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges
    9. James Blake – James Blake
    10. Bon Iver - Bon Iver
    11. St. Vincent - Strange Mercy
    12. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Knife Man
    13. Braids - Native Speaker
    14. Funeral for a Friend - Welcome Home Armageddon
    15. Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
    16. Defeater - Empty Days & Sleepless Nights
    17. Death Grips - Exmilitary
    18. Zomby - Dedication
    19. The Antlers - Burst Apart
    20. Balam Acab - Wander / Wonder
  • February 2011 - The Live Show Retrospective Part XVIII

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    Hi everyone and welcome to a new year of concert reviews. 2011 looks promising so far, not only because there is already a bunch of concert highlights in my calendar, but also because splendid Orange Distortion finally reformed and set their resurrection show for 02/11/2011.

    This year, I thought about trying a different writing style as I was told that my reviews are too subjective with unnecessary information on merch and crowd and feature only insufficient background information on bands and their musical background. I always thought to write stuff like this would be redundant since you're reading these reviews at and could gather all the information you wanted by clicking on the linked artist page. Also, I'm not writing for some fancy music mag or e-zine but for me and maybe a handful of people who’re actually reading this, so I never really felt to write very professionally. Still, criticism is welcome and so I'll try my best to strike a balance.

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  • Top 50 Last 3 Months

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