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  • Avatar for buttheadstorm
    I'm always reminded of how unskilled I am at guitar whenever I try to play a Protest the Hero tune.
  • Avatar for Brandon_Exylum
    They said they are working on a physical release right now. If you were a subscriber you'd know :P
  • Avatar for Nanatzaya
    Still no "regular release" of the Pacific Myth tracks in sight, huh? Effin' bullcrap. Only accepting payments via credit card? Bullcrap times 2. I really hate these guys right now. Don't get me wrong - I'd like to support PTH - but this is ridiculous.
  • Avatar for voshchronos
    "Without Prejudice" is fucking euphoric.
  • Avatar for colderskin
    when i was like 15 or 16 and went to see them in philly the bassist Arif hung out at the merch table and talked to me and my friends for like 30 minutes or more which was chill because i was a loser teen and he couldve been getting drunk w rory, who came down and said hi after admitting he had drank a shit ton of arif's beers. now i feel bad because i made him talk to a 15 year old
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Protest the Hero
  • Avatar for Phazix
    InTheOrchard: yep. I can play all 4 albums back to back and not skip a song. They do have a few songs that are kinda weak but I enjoy every single one of them, can't say that many metal bands.
  • Avatar for InTheOrchard
    I haven't heard Pacific Myth but it's crazy that they're four albums in and every single track is dope. Every single one, man.
  • Avatar for smlinarcik
    I enjoyed all of Pacific Myth, but Harbinger and Caravan are where they really hit their groove. Both feel entirely unforced yet incredibly progressive.
  • Avatar for pg666donegan
    Pacific Myth is cool, but it isn't as good as any of their previous full albums.
  • Avatar for Brandon_Exylum
    Volition > Fortress > Kezia > Scurrilous > Pacific Myth. Always the mark of a great band to see such diverse album heirarchies.
  • Avatar for KFLester
    Volition > Fortress > Pacific Myth > Scurrilous > Kezia. eat my hair
  • Avatar for Sin_Materi
  • Avatar for InformedHat
    Wow, Caravan might be one of their best songs. Like top 3 type of shit. Everything about the song blew me away.
  • Avatar for WolfgangMax
    How can you be so amazing guys?!
  • Avatar for KFLester
    Oh my God, the lyrics to Caravan... I was already blown away by Tilting Against Windmills, but this is a whole nother level of delicious satire of SJW rhetoric. I hope eventually we can live in a world where they can just say what they think instead of hiding it in coded messages, but until then... Game on, PTH, I got a med kit for ya when you wipe.
  • Avatar for KFLester
    harbinger is maybe the heaviest thing theyve ever done?????????? WHoaaa???????
  • Avatar for Brandon_Exylum
    I would agree with that.
  • Avatar for buttheadstorm
    Perhaps the best band of all time. Well, they're up there.
  • Avatar for aldrignedigen
    This new EP sounds pretty awesome. It is the Protest the Hero we love, but is also a step further
  • Avatar for KFLester
    last dot fm is a dead web site, and cataract is a good music song
  • Avatar for KFLester
    real talk i think the subscription thing theyre doing is very interesting. in this age of non-physical media and easily available free/ad-supported streaming you gotta throw shit at the wall and see what sticks when it comes to delivering a product that people will want to pay money for
  • Avatar for KFLester
    cold water is pretty good.... for a song, that dwells in tumblr non sense, i mean.......
  • Avatar for davidh219
    Just found out about these guys. Scurrilous is legit one of the best albums I've ever heard. Wish their other albums were more like that, although they're still pretty good.
  • Avatar for Nanatzaya
    Yeah. I think so too, but do they have to tease so much? :D
  • Avatar for Brandon_Exylum
    I think they will release Pacific Myth in physical form someday.
  • Avatar for Nanatzaya
    Fuck this digital shit... I want to hold a real record in my hands. Not buying any subscription to some loony digital service. I'd really like to support these guys finacially by buying their music, like I did with the three previous albums. But no Vinyl/Disc, no money. Simple as that. Though the previews of Tidal, Ragged Tooth and Cold Water are promising.
  • Avatar for KFLester
    whats this about a remastered kezia
  • Avatar for urbancrow
    Most technically superior and reckless band in teh world. But only few people know this..
  • Avatar for stathistate
  • Avatar for doki-doki-doki-
    protest the sjws ily
  • Avatar for KFLester
    instrumental version of Tidal is better bc i dont have to put up with sjw lyrics about being too lazy to work... this generation, is so entitled. protest the hero?? why dont you protest welfare queens and people voting for free stuff, imo???
  • Avatar for AlexDunning
    I haven't even finished my first listen of Tidal and I love it already!
  • Avatar for Brandon_Exylum
    The track "Tidal" is worth the subscription fee alone.
  • Avatar for KFLester
    i don't "do" "sarcasm". everything i post is real and raw. god bless it
  • Avatar for Brandon_Exylum
    Ragged Tooth is a good song
  • Avatar for Brandon_Exylum
    KFLester, your sarcasm is ineffective and tedious.
  • Avatar for muteG91
    nothing. keep posting
  • Avatar for KFLester
    yes and??? ?
  • Avatar for muteG91
    KFLester they're canadian
  • Avatar for KFLester
    i bet these guys are gonna vote for bernie sanders... thats the kind of SJW thought policing, that Protest the hero dwells into.
  • Avatar for AnsOnkruid
    I need more :(
  • Avatar for TheAirmode
    The show in Moscow yesterday was really cool.
  • Avatar for KFLester
    Fucks sake.. Stop owning me. Ever hear of a little something called the Constitution, or are you to busy dwelling into SJWs.
  • Avatar for xVictimOfADownx
    KFLester, you have won the Ignorant 12-Year-Old Douchebag of the Year award. [2]
  • Avatar for TheWrathofThor
    never knew James LaBrie was in a mathcore abnd
  • Avatar for KFLester
    n.. no!! No!!!! Im not owned!!!!!!
  • Avatar for forgetmenot
    KFLester, you have won the Ignorant 12-Year-Old Douchebag of the Year award. Congrats.
  • Avatar for KFLester
    Lol, so cringe worthy. Its my right to free speech, this isnt north korea, or worse, tumblr.
  • Avatar for VanillaDragon
    Sick buzzwords bro, stay bitter about life. its not worth arguing in a shout box lmao


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