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    The trouble unfolds!
  • Avatar for JeremyB666
    If you dont thrash to this song you are either deaf or dead!
  • Avatar for evilash420
  • Avatar for G8Rbuttercups
    You Want the Good Life' U break your back!"" Love Prong♥♥
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  • Avatar for earthcrossing
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  • Avatar for danimation2002
    this song kicks ass!!!
  • Avatar for charlieandval
  • Avatar for Garagenblues
    like it
  • Avatar for rectidjent
    butt metal
  • Avatar for charlieandval
    yip like it
  • Avatar for POOlgie
    That's not just the coolest. That's not just the best. My friends, that is Justin Credible!!
  • Avatar for Myself2Myself
    Not only Prong's best song, but probably one of the top groove metal songs ever...IMO!! Damn, this is such a kick ass song that gets your adrenaline flowing!
  • Avatar for Kaboobie1
    I like the cover by demon hunter as well.
  • Avatar for MissB3hav3n
    ROCK GOD 4 DAY? Pantera, sepletura, prong, in concert! snug 2 stage rail in ribs moshpit behind us. feel Prongs Bass players sweat from him headbangin, my BFF n me throwin our hair around snappin our neck, her weed went flyin over rail from fist pumpin head bangs, the roadie returned, while local dejavu chicks flashin on stage as Pantera starts, pounding keg cup VInny yells WHERE THE GREEN? *lite bulb* Better than dope rush, the roadie pointing @ us! OMFG PANMotherFUCKINGTera n BS passes! catch ride from crowd to stage, down a beer off the keg BEER! every1 chants! Dimebag underhands his like a pro, i stage dive into pit, 2 give pass 2 my bro, when i feel douche bag snag my pass WTF FUCKING HOSTILE! turned him into moshpit! 1 hand fingers tangled @ his neck hairs in a super hold, while right hookin his dome, forever known as that chick who was tossin dude w/ long hair like he was a girl. Parting drinkin dimebags crown until sun uop!
  • Avatar for boedira
  • Avatar for WoWforever
    Hell Yea !.!
  • Avatar for ApocalypticRocK
  • Avatar for ignitethedawn
    Justin Credible!
  • Avatar for MarkusMi
    das ist das einzigste stück was ich von Prong kenne,und auch das beste
  • Avatar for megadave70
    I think this is Prongs best song
  • Avatar for andrikos23
  • Avatar for turtle1970
    snappin my neck
  • Avatar for dasoverkill
    prong did not evolve out of danzig idiots!!!! Tommy quit prong for a while and joined danzig then reformed prong later on--danzig i believe was a misfit
  • Avatar for DQwaz
    @henpod & @JeremyB666 Agreed on both counts!
  • Avatar for nopuppet
    pay your creditors, pay your checks
  • Avatar for behemouth
    Its ok to dance to this.Go ahead.
  • Avatar for oknome
    @ joecubbie: yes
  • Avatar for daveandi
    goddamn riff always gets right under my skin! MOSH!
  • Avatar for joecubbie
    Just curious, didn't these dudes evolve outta Danzig??? Or something like that???
  • Avatar for sirenetta65
    yes Great
  • Avatar for JeremyB666
    it is purely impossible not to tap your feet to this song. A headbanger's delight!!
  • Avatar for imaloser7
    awsome song
  • Avatar for JTCorpse
    One of my fav's in my 20's. Shit who am I kidding.......I still like it!
  • Avatar for KChippie1
    u want the good life u break ur back
  • Avatar for keepiton
  • Avatar for KChippie1
    Hell Yes - P+R+O+N+G - Snap ur fingers - Snap ur neck
  • Avatar for -matteo-
    old school...... before there were these Bands......
  • Avatar for Metallimaster
  • Avatar for WARDOGG47
    what ever happend 2 these guys ?
  • Avatar for henpod
    Scientists have concluded that it is physically impossible for a person to not nod their head when listening to this song.
  • Avatar for Klonki
    awesome! It is when I find songs like this I feel life really is worth living <3
  • Avatar for john_dillenger
  • Avatar for megabudzik
    lovit 666 all t time,,,pro brut ;}
  • Avatar for subject2status
    their best track by far and the start of my love for prong
  • Avatar for antipop74
    chug chug chug chug chug chug!!!!!! F-yeah!!!


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