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Promoe (Mårten Edh) is a Swedish emcee, and member of Swedish group, Looptroop Rockers.
Promoe has released five albums, quite a few 12"s and also many singles with Astma&Rockwell whic you can download for free on LTR. Promoe's albums to date are: Government Music, Long Distance Runner, White Man's Burden, Standard Bearer and the newest one is Kråksången. The label is Looptroops own, David versus Goliath (DvsG), which is distributed through Burning Heart. Soundism has given their sound treatment to most of Promoe's recent releases.

Promoe got regonition from the first of the albums but increasingly so with the second album, which made the charts properly, in Sweden and worldwide.

The lyrics have always been political, though slightly shifting in nature.

Government Music, with its cover art borrowing from the the legacy of Aleksandr Rodchenko, and a song bearing ode to the Orwellian George Lucas motion picture THX 1138.

Long Distance Runner, where Promoe started to get heavily into a more ethical perspective with him clad in a big white dress on the album cover and moving the focus a bit to also include subjects such as abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

White Man's Burden, borrowing it's title from Kipling's poem with the same name deals in great detail with contradictory nature of being a white rapping/toasting rasta like artist recording in Jamaica and at the same time being conscious of subjects such as feminism and racism.

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