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  • Avatar for shakedatthang
    They broke up yo. I found out after creepily stalking Nikki Telladictorian's Facebook. Or at least, she left the project with no other word on it.
  • Avatar for void150
    Truly brilliant work!
  • Avatar for Jureiko
    PB also responsible for Pneuma. industrial/noise/electro compilation with all profits to lung cancer. check it here
  • Avatar for Jureiko
    don't waste your time on *Boyde rarepi* remix album it's mostly garbage. remixes aren't half as cool as originals
  • Avatar for PuppenVonFreak
    Very nice. :)
  • Avatar for shakedatthang
    I've only heard Retribution, on first listen even it sounded too EBM inspired for me tastes, but it really grew on me a fucking lot. And I finally spotted the vocal sample used in 'Lost Frequency' by SPL in the track 'Shescorpion Skin', which I was dying to find for a long time.
  • Avatar for lokiz_
    Its so amazing <3
  • Avatar for Sushimitzu
    Some great songs, but they get old relatively quick.
  • Avatar for BunkerT-CAIN
    You are my flesh addiction. <3
  • Avatar for adrynalyna
  • Avatar for Refibrillator
    They are impressive.
  • Avatar for Queenofchance
    woah intense image.
  • Avatar for inflikkt
    new album is sounding too ebm imo. i wouldnt mind that, but the synths and beats are just kinda weak feeling... reminds me of what happened with that recent suicide inside :/
  • Avatar for Virus_672
    Better than any shit from the 'harsh' scene. I need more similar things, powernoise was always too boring for me, but this is different. [2]
  • Avatar for DaniBaniBoBani_
    Love it. turn it up LOUD and annoy the neighbors. hehe.
  • Avatar for maribellecele
    I like.
  • Avatar for nyctalops
  • Avatar for Serpentz
  • Avatar for SunlessDawn
    100k gratz :)
  • Avatar for Dreamxe <--- New track available on this Japan benefit compilation.
  • Avatar for Spiegelicht
    Fucking great!
  • Avatar for Dreamxe
    More people need to listen! Pro Burn>most of what is considered 'industrial' nowadays.
  • Avatar for chiasticslide
    Pr0-Burn is the most awesome thing to happen to music since Gridlock. Seriously. Blows my fucking head off every time.
  • Avatar for ThFM
    what a fucking awesome pic... *__*
  • Avatar for PitFiend
    Beyond Repair just kicks my ass everytime I listen to it. Fucking awesome.
  • Avatar for inflikkt
    im really into battery drain lately lol the vocal is so mindless sounding and awesome <3
  • Avatar for Kheryon
    Mindbenders -> Dance hard, fuckers!
  • Avatar for synd465
  • Avatar for synd465
    I'm super stoked on Displacement Disorder/Four Pi Movement. The way they went about it makes me think of the Neubauten supporter albums. Hurrah
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    glad a new album is coming out. cant wait to buy it!
  • Avatar for sixfiveeightone
    Prometheus Burning is awesome.
  • Avatar for Rotny13
    Plague Called Humanity - great!!!
  • Avatar for Doriol
    more people need to listen to this
  • Avatar for Shirow_XL
    Well, 'Plague Called Humanity" is not that bad after all, as long as it carries such powerful tracks like 'Deluge', which reminds me of the brilliant 'Beyond Repair' album.
  • Avatar for Corrosive666
    Anyone have a discog? I only have Beyond Repair and Plague Called Humanity. I want more.
  • Avatar for lakkyla
    For the record these guys kick ass. Still waiting to see you on the west coast.
  • Avatar for Doriol
    pretty fucking good, esp. a plague called humanity
  • Avatar for veagan12345
    fucking awesome!!!!
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    @synd theyd better call it quits then
  • Avatar for Corrosive666
    Not bad, almost sounds like AngelSpit but not annoying, this is much more tolerable.
  • Avatar for synd465
    This band has released 6 albums to consisting of 66 songs. Discounting the lamer demo of course because I am convinced it doesn't actually exist.
  • Avatar for UnholyTancred
  • Avatar for thehumanweapon
    wow, when i was in 7th grade my gf had an amazing band that played so passionately. almost moves one to tears. somehow yours takes me there. congrats
  • Avatar for ProBurn
    Know any cheap ones? =D
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    wow you guys could use a PR coach.
  • Avatar for Rackshassa
    Педерастическими? Там же баба на вокале, причем тут педерасты.
  • Avatar for lokiz_
    Best ever <3
  • Avatar for Rackshassa
    needs more listeners
  • Avatar for subk54
    cool stuff!
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    thanks harley


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