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  • Avatar for fatassfuk Enjoy!
  • Avatar for fatassfuk
    We are back from the dead 8)! 3 new ones almost ready. Bleak Portrait, Cuse Upon A Time, Embers Of Hate. Stay tuned!
  • Avatar for nolise
    keep it up
  • Avatar for StD616
    Really good stuff, I hope you'll get to release proper album soon!
  • Avatar for OrochiChan
    and also Metallica =) and a bit Children of Bodom ^^
  • Avatar for OrochiChan
    Whoa! Veeeeeeery nice music! Somewhat reminds of Amorphis... The guitar kicks ass! You could give us a check if you please: And here's the game we wrote the OST to:
  • Avatar for fatassfuk
    Not yet. Maybe later this year when we get our two new song finished. Then we it might be possible to get our 6 latest song on a cd with better quality.
  • Avatar for Undomniel
    is there going to be any new songs? :) these are just awesome,I'm listening them quite often!!
  • Avatar for mustames
    onko tullu uutta
  • Avatar for nevermore901
    I put your songs on a CD and listen to it whenever I drive somewhere by car - I just love it! Only one thing bothers me: That I'm incapable of understanding all of the lyrics. Could it be possible that someone sends them to me? *especially peering at Ville* x_x
  • Avatar for marq_retro
    Sounds really good guys. You are most deffnitily very talented. Abit of polishing on youre sound and mixing and youre there. You guys will get a record deal no doubt
  • Avatar for fatassfuk
    Terppa vaan sinnekkin x)
  • Avatar for ani-r
    The vocalist has a great voice. Keep it up guys. Hi from Vantaa :D
  • Avatar for puni100sher
    Oh my god! your music is soo good, realy I cant stop listening it!
  • Avatar for fatassfuk
    We have Keijo Blastbeat at the drums :P (read EZ Drummer). We do have a session drummer for studio/shows.
  • Avatar for ParisKillz
    I notice you don't have a drummer. Do you have a drum machine or do you get someone in the lay down the drum tracks?
  • Avatar for ParisKillz
    Actually, Shiver too after a second listen ;-)
  • Avatar for ParisKillz
    Sorry, I meant I especially love Valkyrie!
  • Avatar for ParisKillz
    Awesome sound. Especially love Shiver. I think Finnish rock definitely has a sound all of its own. Probably why I like it so much.
  • Avatar for TheLastCrusade
    Great band!
  • Avatar for niekopanasaus
    i like that ;]
  • Avatar for Ziperia
    Osu ja uppos, tällästä lisää!
  • Avatar for fatassfuk
    New song online! Enjoy 8) Project Shiver - The Dead Focus
  • Avatar for Maximilijan
    Sounds good.. thanx for recommending :) you people from Finland realy know how to make good music :) but to tell you the truth I don't like how the vocal sounds.. like he's trying to imitate Ville Laihiala :)
  • Avatar for Nafatra
    Great work! I especially like the epic sound of Shiver. Keep it up!
  • Avatar for ferriya
    Cool! I like this music!
  • Avatar for bloody_wamp
    omg u guys are in love :))) awsome music keep it that way ! ! !
  • Avatar for mustames
    silent groundissa on hyvän kuulonen kitara soolo
  • Avatar for mustames
    hyvältä kuulostaa poijat
  • Avatar for Insomnium988
    awesome work!
  • Avatar for nevermore901
    I'm really positively surprised =) I find the voice quite amazing *-* good work, guys *thumbsup* would be happy to hear of you again, maybe see you on a show ;)
  • Avatar for Black_Grim
    fuckin' awesome guys.....keep up the good work \m/
  • Avatar for kkkko
    Erittäin asiallisen kuulosta musiikkia, tämän vuoden ehdottomasti paras uusi tuttavuus :)
  • Avatar for Kride666
    fucking awesome ;D
  • Avatar for Nightm_air_e
    Man you guys r amazing!!!!! Very nice!!!!
  • Avatar for Veloxius
    magic ;]
  • Avatar for HandOfMetal
    Tosi hyvää matskua, jatkakaa samaan malliin! ;)
  • Avatar for lighting666
    great :l , keep it up guys
  • Avatar for Undomniel
  • Avatar for wenkula
    Tämähän kuulostaa hyvältä(: Kiitti vinkistä!
  • Avatar for meduusa87
    Kiitos vinkistä :) Hyvältä kuulostaa \,,/
  • Avatar for Markyticka
    Awesome!! Like it:)

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