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  • Avatar for Boombap90s
    "P is sick, so save that bullshit for the burbs"
  • Avatar for tropicalhaze
    the album not the physicist [2] lmao
  • Avatar for Officialswitch
    Albert Einstein is magic. Errbody can't understand this project. 2 Genius of Hip Hop
  • Avatar for awkward
    Albert Einstein any good? the album not the physicist
  • Avatar for Ruler71
    damn P fell off this year! c'mon dude, bring that HNIC 2 sound back!!!
  • Avatar for Den_Homicide
    damn P fell off this year! c'mon dude, bring that HNIC 2 sound back!!!
  • Avatar for blackpanther15
    Fuck new album is soooo fucking dope!!
  • Avatar for Trautkidd
    album's pretty damn bad
  • Avatar for Officialswitch
  • Avatar for awkward
    Make A Hole is fucking tight. amazing beat.
  • Avatar for Unterschleif
    Still spittin that fire
  • Avatar for OgLoc615
    HNIC 3 FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for mattdh12
    still great after all this time, crazy
  • Avatar for ChowsFM
    Peep: Chui,
  • Avatar for kreator_br
    \/ that page is all fucked
  • Avatar for dgk3188
    yo man...what's good with this dude's slow flow. shit is zzzz.. i want that hungry, aggressive, gritty, stab ya brain with ya nosebone P.
  • Avatar for rg_gapa
  • Avatar for UNONIMUS-1
    If you love lyrical hip-hop, then check out the tracks on my page -
  • Avatar for big4ever
    war's on
  • Avatar for DerBesorger
    The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP...... just dope
  • Avatar for mattdh12
    #1 inspiration for me and its not even close
  • Avatar for blackpanther15
    welcome home [8]
  • Avatar for awkward
    Twilight is a really great track. welcome back P. now get to work on an album! or a true Mobb Deep comeback album..
  • Avatar for Thuglife91
  • Avatar for lllmatlc
    1,000 plays!!!
  • Avatar for Den_Homicide
    bj ep sounds far from hnic 2 but it's still dope
  • Avatar for ManDirky
  • Avatar for Thurin123
    welcome home [7]
  • Avatar for theking2008
    lol @ welcome home. Like the nigga gpne log on to and tell yaw thanx n shit.
  • Avatar for Ruler71
    welcome home p the best rapper alive is free. waited so long for new p stuff hope 2011 will be a good year for mobb deep
  • Avatar for gandarm
    welcome home [6]
  • Avatar for iceb1
    welcome home [5]
  • Avatar for Peter5656
    welcome home [4]
  • Avatar for Sgt_Cruz
    welcome home [3]
  • Avatar for goodbyegenova
    welcome home
  • Avatar for lllmatlc
    FREE P !!!
  • Avatar for Peacen
    Stop Stressin'
  • Avatar for chuplag
    Oh how the mighty have fallen.
  • Avatar for Ruler71
  • Avatar for Yung_Dinero
    P comin home in February --_--
  • Avatar for Ruler71
    still my nr 1
  • Avatar for murray1
    P was top 3 in the game mid 1990's
  • Avatar for LAmontana32
    I like his music.
  • Avatar for Ruler71
    Best Rapper Alive !!!
  • Avatar for fuckthesun
    FREE P!!!
  • Avatar for Zaglebie
    FREE Prodigy !!!!
  • Avatar for Tostiiz
    @bunnysta prodigy is in prison
  • Avatar for Young-Hoodlum
    one of the Greatest. Free P
  • Avatar for Dj-BlackJack
    Free my nigga P!
  • Avatar for undrgroundsound
    prodigy's weak haha


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