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Formed in Bristol UK in 1978, Private Dicks were the leading lights on the Avon Calling album (Heartbeat Records) - the first compilation album of a UK city. Their classic single ''She Said Go'' - now ?30 in collectors magazines - made the UK independent charts and they were chosen by Sounds magazine as a tip for the top in 1980 along with Scritti Politti and U2
Fast, furious and direct - one reviewer said they swing with the power that only Irish bands appear to command - Private Dicks disintegrated within six months of being managed by Mark Dean, the man who discovered George Michael. Dean himself said later: ''The Dicks should have been bigger worldwide than Wham ever were''. They do have some great tunes. Listen and Love.
For those of you with eclectic music tastes the Dicks'' lead singer GAVIN KING has a new solo album - Burning Bridges - on peoplesound. A bittersweet journey into a mid-life breakdown it's popular jollity belies it's underlying bitterness -no change there then.
He also has two solo instrumental albums on peoplesound under ''The Apostles''. ''As the Story Goes'' is harder-edged guitar orientated work - ''Miracle'' is softer more ambient - both are great late-at-night when your off your face.
DUMOB sees Gavin in writer/producer mould for three singers Ace, H and EJ - rnb/pop - whilst STRAMGE NEW FLESH is a descent into madness. If Burning Bridges is a mid-life crisis then this is the end my friend. Harsh, pulsating rock - its been called the worst two track demo ever recorded but I say yah boo sucks - its an album that chronicles a descent into places none of us should go. An album of many colours it repays repeated playing. Listen to ''getoutgetout'' and don''t look back.

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