• 3121 -- D0N`T Y0U WANNA C0ME?

    26 Mar 2006, 04:56 by GLAMSLAM

    don't you wanna come?

    Music Review

    Overall - I think that this album was definatly given a bit of a latin flavour to it, and yall know I rep my latin pride to the fullest, so I was impressed by that. I also liked that it had kind of a hiphop feeling to it. Some of the songs were disapointing, probably because of my high expectations from his previous works. However, it's a vast improvement from his last trainwreck... er... I mean, album, Musicology, in 2004. Definatly something I could listen to more than once, so overall, I give it 3 stars.

    3121 - The fact that it features the voice of "Camille" makes it an automatic retro feeling for any Prince fan; that shit was hot, but overall it's okay. However, I do get the chorus stuck in my head really bad. And I just love -- It's loco, right? Oh yeah papito!

    Lolita - LOVE THIS TRACK! I love the ton of latin flavour that was given to it along with the upbeat funk -- amazing combo. …