• Are we all one community?

    25 Oct 2007, 09:00 by Popicn

    The truth is we are all one. I believe that all religions revolve around a set of rules we should abide by to be decent human beings and to make the world a real community of brothers and sisters helping each other. It always saddens my heart when any religion deems it ok to hurt another living being or kill themselves. To cause harm in any way is against the natural way and meaning of religion and the higher power. As many of you know I’ve been struggling with my faith and respect for mankind and especially the GLBTQ community. It never really feels like a real community. It’s full of cliques and hierarchies. It’s like gays over to that side, lesbians over on that side, bi-sexuals at the bar, transgender people near the coat check, and the Queers in the ally behind the club. The only time we seem to band together is when something very bad happens. On top of that all the scenes and people tend to be more about sex and getting off than love. The truth is the GLBTQ community tends to be neighbors and nothing more. …
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    23 Aug 2006, 09:05 by arkmay