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  • Holy Mayte what you did to Prince i can feel listening this album...especially 2nd disc which is indeed, the best one [2]
  • The second disc is the best one.
  • I mean, I wouldn't put it in the better half of Prince's discography but still...
  • underrated. yes it's full to the very brim but it's a real testament that he can fill an album right up with what he's good at.
  • Completely agree about the production - it's plasticy. Some of the arrangements are a bit off as well - the snares on Jam Of The Year for instance - and Prince overdoes the falsetto. Quality control was definitely an issue here... The fact that Prince was still a great idea man at this point is what makes the album worth the effort...
  • It's actually pretty awesome and I don't mind its length. For me it's one of its strongest selling points even, it's an album that you really can get lost into. The only thing that bugs me about it is the production. It sounded a bit tacky then... and almost 20 years later it sounds even tackier.
  • How is this one of Prince's worst albums?
  • A little self-indulgent on his part, but yeah, pick a random song on any of the discs and it will probably be great.
  • Now I'm familiar all 36 tracks and what can I say - almost all of them are good, some of them are great. Every CD has it's advantages, althrough the third is not quite on the level of the rest. But don't worry - this is STUNNING release! Check it out 4 yourself and B amazed :-)
  • 36 tracks, 3 hours... Definitely immense and very varied stuff. "Weak"? Certainly not! So far I'm familiar with the first CD and it's a very solid piece of Prince music.

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