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Brown Album

Brown Album


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  • @Quil420 I completely disagree. On this record, I feel like I'm in the room with Brain watching him drum. The hard hits sound fucking HARD, the ghost notes sound like ghost notes, and everything in between has dynamics. This is what it sounds like to be standing right next to a drummer in a rehearsal studio, and that's why I absolutely fucking love the production of this album. It sounds REAL, not over produced, not overmastered, not over anything. It sounds real. That and I love Les' bass tone on this album, really huge and warm tube tone. And Ler, well come on he has some of his best guitar work on this album. All in all, it's not the most accessible of Primus' catalog, but it's definitely one of their finest moments in my opinion.
  • Much prefer this to Antipop. This is definitely one of their best.
  • The album that so many people (including Primus themselves) dislike. I think it's a great album. Far better than the ironically named Antipop IMHO.
  • I get "stripped down" and "lo fi", but he sounds like he's playing drums in a different room, down a distant hallway, with a blanket over the door and woolen mittens over his sticks. The cymbal work is inaudible. Ask any drummer - the sound of the drum is not just the whack of the stick on the head, but the way the batter head reverberates with the resonant head, as well as the timbre and pitch, and the way it resonates with the tonality of the wood, etc. All of this is missing from this recording. So we are left with… a guy whacking head.
  • I would say this is one of their best...
  • It may not be as hard as their earlier stuff, but its still pretty good
  • @PartySanCTG: The production value? it was recorded on a 4 track to give a garage sound, hence the name "the brown album" it just sounds dirty. I personally love it over the over produced Anti-pop, and highly polished Punchbowl.... Brown album is pure Primus. Fantastic album from start to finish.
  • Definitely one of their best, I don't know why Les dislikes it really. Especially since Antipop was so shit.
  • It hurts to say, but I like this one more than StSoC and FF
  • Meu álbum favorito!
  • I use to be rather displeased with the overall sound of this album, the muddy/brown sound. I stopped listening to Primus for a while, went into different styles of music that take advantage of noisier/grungier/dirtier sounds: Came back to Primus... this is now my favorite album by them. The rawer sound just really gives it a live feel, which I love.
  • Love the rough drum sound.
  • Every time I listen to this album I think of "brown noise" because of its muddy production. Hey look it's called "Brown Album".
  • Favorite album. Superb drums
  • Wow, the production here really fails. Good work overdistorting and clipping the drums, nameless engineers. Also, some of the tracks aren't really up to par compared to Punchbowl or Antipop...
  • Best Primus album since Cheese. Also, this one has one of the best sounds ever on an album, imo.
  • So Underrated.. The most catchy Primus album. (In my opinion) Just too good, not one shippable track..
  • I've always liked this album, it's better than Tales from the Punchbowl
  • This album is awesome. When first released I didn't like it much because it strayed from traditional Primus. But as time went on I learned to love the raw "brown" sound, best tracks; Duchess, Puddin Taine, Golden Boy and Kalamazoo.
  • One of my favorites, it's a good album it has it's own sound. every time I listen to it I think of wood paneling and other things brown for some resin...
  • I'm absolutely smitten with the drums on this album. I had all these wild schemes in my head, trying to figure out how the drums sound like they do ("perhaps a delayed reverb going from L to R?) and then a friend of mine told me it was recorded with one mic! These guys really do suck!
  • @ boardjunkie: i think the drum sound is awesome for exactly the resaons that you hate it. i'm a fan of lo-fi music to begin with, though. i appreciate a little haze in my production...so i naturally gravitate to this primus album.
  • Well I was sure full of shit, this is now one of my favourite Primus albums.
  • I wrote: April 2008 'Kind of goes downhill after the fifth track'
  • i think a lot of fans just decide to dislike this album because Les Claypool said he did.
  • I think Brain weren't really warmed into the band yet. His beats were very ordinary compared to what he can do, and what Herb had done before. Then again, i only played the album twice.
  • Brilliant album.
  • most excellent piece of recording. I can imagine why primus fans don't like this album because it's so different then their metal/distortion sound but I think it's the best Primus album with the dry acoustic recording style. You can really hear the room vibe on it. ++++++
  • I love the drum sound.. With a pair of good headphones this is really nice
  • "Tom Waits, who has collaborated with the band several times, claims The Brown Album to be his favorite work by Primus; much of Waits' own work is also made up of stories of dark, seedy characters."
  • Some of you guys are way to picky, I would line this album up against all the "top" bands currently and it would still slaughter them.
  • I listened to the cd twice and then gave it to a friend. I love a bit of Brain work ([artist]Praxis[/artist] Transmutation FTW) but he kept it very normal here. Maybe a few more listens I'd like it, whatever.
  • Great material, but the drum sound ruins it. FIrst time I've listened to it since I bought it and heard it a couple times and just couldn't take the production. This is really Brain's album since he insisted on recording it on analog tape. Not that that's a bad idea.....just like any recording medium you need to use it *wisely*. But they clearly didn't know how to get the most out of it....it sounds best on a cheap boom box. Actually it sounds like the drums were recorded on a cheap boom box! I've always wished they'd go back and re record this album (with Herb) so we can tolerate listening to it. Apt title tho....the drum sound is indeed "brown"...as in POOOOOP-EEEEEEEEEEE........
  • love the stripped-down sound of this album...feels like you are in the studio with them recording raw tracks..... This is Primus' "White Album" but...well, Brown!
  • how could he disown Shake Hands With Beef?!!
  • Les isn't that self indulged, he is actually a bit modest for being one of the best bass player in the rock/ alternative area (opinion)
  • i wonder if the reason les claypool dosn't like it is because the songs are bigger than just his bass line....this has to be one of the first albums where his bass plays more than one pattern through out the whole thing..... it dosn't circle around his bass track..
  • I like this album because its primus... and I like primus... even though les disowned the album >_>
  • Yeah, I love this album pretty much all the way through. One of the few albums I've heard that actually sounds brown. And the clipping and stuff just makes it sound even more antique.
  • It's the only album I don't like. But maybe I need to listen to it better.
  • This is pretty good. Kind of goes downhill after the fifth track, but still. I wouldn't say it was their worst. Antipop is pretty, well, poppy.
  • Fisticuffs! Puddin'Taine!
  • Great album; I agree with Jerry. Hard to believe Claypool doesn't like it.
  • Golden boy, over the falls, and shake hands with beef are three of my most loved primus songs
  • Where's Mister Herb? Didn't hear him....
  • this album is so great. just love 'restin' bones' and 'arnie'.
  • Agreed with kajuga.
  • Even claypool does not like this album, I wonder why, I actually like it (not the first time a I listened to it tough).
  • graet release and most underrated Primus record.
  • This sounds like Primus trying to be Led Zeppelin. No matter, though, because I still enjoyed it thoroughly.


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