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AntiShanti Records is proud to present the debut album from Primordial
Ooze: Discomedusae. Created and oozed out of the brains of Scott
Collins and Igor Vazhenin from the midwestern flatlands of Milwaukee
and Chicago, United States. Discomedusae is an extension of their
well-known, mind-bending and soul-moving live sets. Experiences that traverse a
multitude of emotional states to create lasting breadth of memories
in the trance-dancer and other mammals alike. The album features collaboration tracks from great talents who have shared in the Midwest Psytrance vibe:
Electrypnose, Jellyheadz, Terrafractyl, Random, and AntiShanti’s own

This release is dedicated to: all of the people dancing as if we
weren't watching. To all the adventurers, inspiring us to push the limits of this
four-dimensional sound bubble. To all of you who have experienced the
most amazing and humbling moments in life, and shared these moments
with us on the dance floor, sand, mud, or whatever surface one
happens to jig on. To all the creative, collaborative, and talented friends that have
encouraged these endeavors into being the wild frequencies that we all are.

Of course, to all single cell procreatic lifeforms, who did not give
up, got busy, and organized themselves into complex organisms.

Cheers to beating the Cosmic odds!

The Primordial Ooze project was created by DJ's Kaiser Soze and S.O.T. It is
an experiment of genetic sound programming. Evolving algorithms that
flourish in the environment of artificial selection.
In such a setting, sounds behave like life forms - bundles of frequencies
that collaborate in swarm like manner, creating intelligent patterns and
Currently working on two albums this energetic live act is continuously
expanding their farm of pet-frequencies with various sonic creatures. These
lively pets can cause serious mayhem on the dancefloor, however with
properly tied shoes participants are generally safe and happy.

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