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In the year 2090 super cyborg Psyborg set out on a quest to restore rock 'n roll to the barren wastelands of the future.

He said a prayer to the goddess Vrschrk, who quickly came down from her heineken music hall podium in the sky, to rock out with the cybernetic rocking machine that is Psyborg.

Murmillo gladiator/gestapo commander herr dee traveled to the future when he heard the awesome music, goddess Vrschrk and Psyborg -Werewolf Commando- were making through a wormhole. (because all gestapo commanders are equipped with ztx9000 time travel companion cubes)

the rocking was awesome

but lacked rhythm so the unlikely but yet still superawesome gang traveled to the year 14000 BC to the smoke filled caves of Maarten,the manchild cavewoman

the sensual rhytmic percussion poly paradiddles of awesome were so impressive that it started to rain genocide meteorites

-which everybody boarded
-and surfed into the sun
now we are complete
now we are god
now we are Primal Order

obey our timeless rocking power and suffer the endless agony of civilian life while fantasizing about our pulsating bodies of beauty and music..

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