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  • Avatar for Volv- love it !
  • Avatar for katie78
    i hadnt listened to this in years and i forgot how much i loved it ! !
  • Avatar for allright_bway
    Cry Me A River!
  • Avatar for LoCker1234
    Zakk is the MAN
  • Avatar for LeirTheFox
    I totally prefer this band over BLS, Southern Metal FTW! (2)
  • Avatar for Happy-Few
    My best musican !! Zakk Wylde..
  • Avatar for MikeySchenker
    How I would love to see another cd released of this band, BLS just does not do it for me at all. Except the semi acoustic stuff...
  • Avatar for elmokoning
    I totally prefer this band over BLS, Southern Metal FTW!
  • Avatar for SiriusMarrow
    Hammer and the nail is hilarious...Lyrics are so messed up:) One of my favorite albums of all time.
  • Avatar for wingkon
  • Avatar for ninjaguyx
    Zakk Wylde + James LoMenzo = Pure Win
  • Avatar for Ton87
    I must say Pride & Glory has its weak moments, I like the mix of southern rock and metal but the sentimental ballad-like stuff sometimes makes it all to cheesy.
  • Avatar for Xucatlan
    Cry me a River...
  • Avatar for sniper_33
    SDMF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for brenonoah
  • Avatar for felipevannila
  • Avatar for Kimberly-Jade
  • Avatar for Samhain_D
    Drink 'em
  • Avatar for Levi7
    Thanks these guys my brain is in my hands now. \o/
  • Avatar for OstapFender
    the best Zakk's work, along with the Book Of Shadows. God bless him
  • Avatar for GregCano
    WOW, fantastic album. "Horse Called War", "Shine On" and "The Chosen One" are my personnal favourites so far.
  • Avatar for Tobajass
  • Avatar for rDg0
  • Avatar for aprillalena
    fuckin awasome
  • Avatar for spartainiamaaan
    sooo fucking underated
  • Avatar for drwacho
    @ Dzoniak: "Society Dwelling Mother Fucker" or "Strength Determination Merciless Forever"
  • Avatar for GaboBenitez
    Amazing band, Amazing Album
  • Avatar for thiozzy
    Zakk é foda pra caraio
  • Avatar for DrKerryKing
    Strength, Determination, Merciless, Forever.
  • Avatar for Dzoniak
    wtf mean "sdmf"?
  • Avatar for bucknutt317
    awesome shit. favorites are cry me a river and toe'n the line
  • Avatar for jsiminski
    Join the new group:!
  • Avatar for larsulrichjohn
    fuckin awesome album!
  • Avatar for Olek82's+Favorite+Drug
  • Avatar for Spady_madik
    Shit this is awesome ._.
  • Avatar for pjb808
  • Avatar for neko666zucco
    Yeah, this is one of the albuns that you should buy. It's perfect!!!
  • Avatar for TemptationWings
    I want to find it and buy it
  • Avatar for fevereb
    what a pity they made only one album :(
  • Avatar for Simargle
    give plz link 4 download
  • Avatar for jlazarotto
  • Avatar for marshmellow_man
  • Avatar for HMSTerror
    Good band but how can a band with one album under its belt be labeled as "best band ever"? How does some 14 to 15 tracks in an entire catalog merit that? Dumb.
  • Avatar for neko666zucco
  • Avatar for CooperTrain
    Zakk — guitar Master!
  • Avatar for cubalakazard
    Great band. Really a shame that there is only a one album
  • Avatar for Joohon
    bast band ever
  • Avatar for jasoncleere
  • Avatar for rattlehead92
    my favourite song is "found a friend" :)
  • Avatar for MisterPetz
    machine gun man is probably one of the best guitar songs ever - amazing technique & style


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