• "I Believe" out now!

    30 Jul 2010, 12:11 by mathouserecords

    Italo-Dance Revival

    After a brilliant start of the Newcomer Musiclabel Mathouse Records from Hamburg (Germany) and his first vinyl release "Love Me", produced in collaboration with the legendary house label Strictly Rhythm, now it shows the next big bang:

    Prezioso & Marvin are next to Eiffel 65, Gigi D'Agostino and Mauro Picotto the most successful Italian dance musicians who stormed the charts across Europe during the millennium. In addition to their Top 10 hit "Tell Me Why" and more than 350,000 records sold they made it in the following years a further seven times into the German single charts. Despite leaving of DJ Giorgio Prezioso in 2007, the project is still continuing with Andrea Prezioso and Marvin.

    Now, the Italo-dance duo presents in Germany the title "I Believe", a cover of "Shakespeare's Sister“ Marcella Detroit. Technotronic, but not less melodic and with equally clear message shows "I Believe" itself in a new guise. …
  • Charts Of The Year 2009

    28 Dec 2009, 11:16 by Berserk2

    My Top30 Songs of 2009
    Every Sunday I checked the most heard songs of the last 3 months and wrote down the 30 best...First place got 30 points, second place 29....30th got one point.

    30. Rebirth by Mark 'Oh (166 Points/Highest Rank: 10th)
    Despite it couldn set any highlights it pointed constantly...and was especially in the summertime a safe member of the ranking...really nice powerful song

    29. United by Prince Ital Joe Feat. Marky Mark (171/9th)
    15 year old song....a real classic...when I think about music of the 90's, then this song comes to my mind...good mixture of chillout and power

    28. Being Not Like You by Bloom 06 (179/14th)
    A real surprise with a high of 14 and a timeout of 10 weeks...but it's the best song of Crash Test 02 and a nice one to sing

    27. Timeout by DJ Bersekx (183/5th)
    Despite the album is not yet released the outro is a real burner...this song often explains my mood "aggro happy don't mind"

    26. Your Love by Mark 'Oh (198/11th)
  • Meine Künstler-Wikis / My artist biographies

    22 Dec 2007, 13:10 by MrFahrenheit200

    Letzte Aktualisierung: 11. Jan. 2008, 21:22
    Last Update: 11 Jan 2008, 9:22 pm

    Für alle, die es interessiert, habe ich hier mal die Künstler-Wikis, die ich erstellt bzw. verändert habe, aufgelistet. Diese Liste wird ständig erweitert, sofern ich genügend Zeit habe, Wikis zu erstellen.

    Es werden jeweils Künstlername, die Links zu Künstler-Wiki und Quelle sowie dem Datum der Änderung angegeben, sortiert wird alphabetisch aufsteigend anhand der Künstlernamen.

    For those who are interested in, here is a list of artist biographies I wrote or changed on, the german part of
    I will extend this list from time to time, so you can stop by regularly.

    I linked the artist himself, the german biography (Beschreibung) and the source (Quelle) my informations are taken from. It's sorted in alphabetical order by artists names.

    Alice Deejay (Beschreibung, Quelle)
    am 17. Juli 2007Anvil (Beschreibung, Quelle)
    am 27. Dezember 2007Blackfoot (Beschreibung, Quelle)
    am 27. Dezember 2007Bow Wow Wow (Beschreibung, Quelle)