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  • Check out the music video I've made for the song "If I Could Feel Again" by Pretty Lights here: https://youtu.be/QLn48n_c974
  • Check out the music video I've made for the song "If I Could Feel Again" here: https://youtu.be/QLn48n_c974
  • u think this is nice goto their show and have your brian blown outta the back of your head if u dont die from an awesomely amazing siezure first :)
  • this is nice
  • Pretty music.
  • version? or original?
  • A shame that no one knows this version. But whatever, I'm not going to waste my time complaining. Instead I'm going to enjoy this lovely piece of music.
  • guitar riff is a sample from a 1968 duet by judy clay and william bell entitled "Private Number" [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeuVS6vnN7w ]
  • mmm, those strings
  • nice interpretation..
  • If only I could give this more likes.
  • not bad.
  • i get a good feeling, yeahhh
  • this is how to use that Nightmares on Wax sample creatively, originally and well, just, fucking, properly! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5D22VCGkmI let Mozez show you how.
  • SHITE, brainless music.
  • Weak hybrid of Good Feeling and You Wish, wasted 5 minutes of my life.
  • DPF
    So when are people going to realize this song came out in 2006?
  • A copy & paste of "You Wish" by Nightmares on Wax.
  • love it!
  • soo good
  • nae sae bad
  • Pretty Lights FTW!
  • "...Let's Sample the same thing everyone else is sampling... but DiffErentlt" -Every person who makes "hip-hop."
  • Has no one mentioned how this guitar is directly from "You Wish" by Nightmares on Wax?
  • I love this
  • if you ever go to see them live, make sure you don't wear jackets or long sleeve anything, because their light setup will burn you out. no complaints
  • Pretty Lights is easily one of my favorite artists today. You can get all his stuff for free from his website. =)
  • I agree with you guys. This Etta sample feels so natural and smooth... Really lovely.
  • indeed the only song that have etta sample and I to have loved so much.
  • Playaz Club?
  • High-fiiive!
  • Agreed kespimp, this is definitely the best use of the Etta sample
  • THIS is the music I was looking for. Something completely original and different. In the first 10 seconds I was just blown away! The samples in this tracks are from tracks I'm really familiar with, and he combined them together so well!
  • sooooo chill. this song def uses the Etta sample better than Avicii and Flo Rida
  • check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrykKBXVtx8
  • and now buick uses her in their commercial
  • rip etta...
  • All those who find this track interesting should checkout "Gramatik" also.
  • so chill
  • all dis time i thgt it was Pretty Lights when dis was played in clubs, just learned abt dis Avicii guy. This still stands out over 'Levels'
  • mellow
  • seductive strings [6]
  • at the playas club [2]
  • ..this one moved me right from the beginning :)
  • RIP Etta. Something's Got A Hold On Me alright.
  • RIP etta james [2] but in all seriousness this is one of the best songs in electronic music. Listening to it is like being taken away to another world
  • RIP etta james
  • I must have heard that sample (Judy Clay & William Bell's Private Number, I believe) on about a dozen different tracks. I imagine the royalty cheques every month must add up...
  • made me stop and check the artist, well done
  • dat feel


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