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A five-member experimental band from New Jersey. They use numerous different vocalists using different types of singing (grunts, clean, screams, squeals, rap, …) as well as program drums and synths using FL Studio. Also, they incorporate sound clips, and other samples from movies and TV shows such as Anchorman, The Big Lebowski and the Twilight Zone into many of their songs. They recently printed a limited amount of T-shirts and sold them online.

Anne Frank's Vagina EP (2011) - Download it Free at Bandcamp (
Return To The Bone Concubine (2007)
Hardcore Died With Hitler (2006)
Drop It, Asshole! (2006)
John Denver School Of Flight (2005)
The Bone Concubine EP (2004)
Smokin' At The Gas Station (2003)

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