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  • Avatar for ImpotentGod
    It is hard to comprehend how metal-archives got that big. yeah, it´s a detailed and comprehensive encyclopedia, but the administration is horrible and elitist. Ironically, I don´t like Mantis´ latest releases because they aren´t "metal" enough for me. I just don´t like their let me call it mainstream approach and think that their sound is too keyboard-driven. Nevertheless, they deserve a greater reputation, they have done great albums.
  • Avatar for flaviovigatto
    Best album is Time Tells no lies, this band is great. NWOBHM Rules.
  • Avatar for jrs1991
    Very good new album
  • Avatar for MetalRock1989
    Good new album 4/5.
  • Avatar for L57NT
    Fail indeed. They believe this band is too un-metal for them. Hilarious, given the fact they have pages of various j-pop-metal and gothic "metal" bands.
  • Avatar for Metallian1988
    That band was deleted from and Total facepalm.
  • Avatar for thrinosaenaos
    fantistic band.i heard them back in the 90's.but never listen to them.......what a same......
  • Avatar for kaldrack
  • Avatar for KamilYugol
    Come to the Poland \\m/ !
  • Avatar for bonjovyborges
  • Avatar for mercedesglgl
    underrated (66)
  • Avatar for flaviovigatto
  • Avatar for nnnienke
  • Avatar for Lionheartattack
    This band really surprised me. Having only heard Children of the Earth before, I gave a listen to the whole Time Tells No lies, expecting an album full of typical melodic nwobhm. Instead, I got an recordful of feel-good aor! And you know, it wasn't even that traumatizing! ^-^
  • Avatar for Fonxss
    Children Of The Earth...^^
  • Avatar for MrMumificator
    Why the fuck Captured City is not in the top charts? It's the anthem...
  • Avatar for flaviovigatto
  • Avatar for Nuclearth
    Son esas bandas las que hacen del Metal un genero selecto que pocos oídos pueden llegar a disfrutar. Grande PRAYING MANTIS!
  • Avatar for metalinvader34
    Time Tells No Lies!
  • Avatar for xuemeihengxing
  • Avatar for ixcacienfuegos
    Time tells no lies...
  • Avatar for MaidenTek
    This guys are really good.
  • Avatar for Slesar-int
    Check some sleaze/hard rock
  • Avatar for luvstuss
    Praying Mantis в Merton Manor Club 7 января Отличительная черта этой хэви-металл-группы – необычайная мелодичность ее песен. Временем ее зарождения можно с уверенностью считать 1974 год, когда Тино Трой и Пит Мур объединились под вывеской Junction.
  • Avatar for Ineria
    Very nice.
  • Avatar for Pan_Urban
    underrated (65)
  • Avatar for born_to_amplify
    Amazing band!! Why aren't they as famous as Saxon or Maiden? :O
  • Avatar for Vince_alvinegro
    Só pra quem curte PRAYING MANTIS !
  • Avatar for Rock1m1
    One of those amazing bands that no 1 hardly knows... story of NWoBHM I guess :\
  • Avatar for domunited
    []MetalRecusants[/url] reviews the EP "Metalmorphosis" :
  • Avatar for unkldrtnp reviewed "metalmorphosis"
  • Avatar for xSMRTx
  • Avatar for GlamBitch13
    don't be afraid of the dark!!!
  • Avatar for ImpotentGod
    Hell yeah I found the "live at last" album in wacken´s metal market!
  • Avatar for Der_Muenzer
    Cheated - I've benn Cheated! My heart's been bruised!
  • Avatar for DaRk-6
    Gotta say, this Sanctuary album sounds really good
  • Avatar for jriron
  • Avatar for johnny8ball
    I'll be honest, i felt Time Tells was unremarkable. Predator In Disguise on the other hand, is a very different story...
  • Avatar for kolpikov
    "Restless Heart" tears my heart! Ultra-melodic awesome fantastic piece of a real magic.
  • Avatar for Deathriderdoom
    i only have 'Time Tells' - good though
  • Avatar for ImpotentGod
    new album is definately not my preferred style of music but I like "playing god" very much.
  • Avatar for MikeSams1
    Why would Mantis and the record company put time effort and money into a vocalist that needs a computer to make him sound in tune? I suggest the forgotton (is that spelt right?) one finds himself a decent hobby before too many people start laughing.
  • Avatar for ally2104
    There is no autotune on this album. I can absolutely guarantee to you that if you see this band live, you will get the same vocal performance from Mike Freeland, he's just an amazing vocalist!!
  • Avatar for k196636
    I love Mantis
  • Avatar for The_Forgotton
    GrantRS: It's nothing crazy like the Cher or T-Pain vocoder effects, but the vocals sound nudged to me. The beginning of Restless Heart stuck out to me, as does a lot of Playing God. I think the biggest smoking gun would be 3:01 into Highway. There's a little jump in mid "yeaa-ah" where it resolves to a different note.
  • Avatar for ImpotentGod
    I feel cheated!
  • Avatar for GrantRS
    Autotuned? Where? Which tracks?
  • Avatar for carlos_galvan
    Time Tells No Lies!!!!!
  • Avatar for The_Forgotton
    Sanctuary is so cheesy. I hate hearing autotuned vocals in rock.
  • Avatar for GrantRS
    If they did a remakes or live album with Freeland, I would definitely buy it promptly (hint, hint).


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