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  • Avatar for Ralph-Grey
    Naruto Metal
  • Avatar for Yuuryoku
    Zoolander brought me here.
  • Avatar for theyurireviewer
    new album owns
  • Avatar for Manic-Insanity
    1994 >> 2001 my favorite period.
  • Avatar for MachineAnimal
    Builders of the future has one good song which is How to be a human.
  • Avatar for sharp-clawed
    Builders Of The Future is such a great stuff. Thanks for inspiration.
  • Avatar for Kingsforlife
    I slept on Transform album it is cool
  • Avatar for HappyIsabel
    Damn, Spider One is one handsome dude, am I right? [2]
  • Avatar for alfred129
    my rating 6.7 out 10
  • Avatar for Djakabok
    Русскоязычный подкаст о последнем альбоме группы:
  • Avatar for Manic-Insanity
    @Sutsuga_Red I think the was called Spider. But he also has an alias named MC Spider.
  • Avatar for Sutsuga_Red
    wasn't he just called "spider" back in the day? or was he always "spider one"?
  • Avatar for cleeed
    2/10 for calling it industrial, or even metal. I'm glad to listen it without scrobbling it, and, also, I would like to recomend you (yep, you, who reading this right now) to dig some classical industrial albums - to know the difference between nu\\core sound and music.
  • Avatar for Manic-Insanity
    I finally have their album "The Blood Splat Rating System" rare as fuck!
  • Avatar for Lextasys
    I thought Somewhere On The Other Side of Nowhere was an awesome album from start to finish. Builders of the Future seems to pick up where the last album left off. Powerman 5000 is a very good band.
  • Avatar for promisedeyes
    Damn, Spider One is one handsome dude, am I right?
  • Avatar for Kingsforlife
    check out 9Electric
  • Avatar for Sofia_ZARAZA
    Builders Of The Future! :D :D :D
  • Avatar for Kingsforlife
    the last minute of the song builders of the future was good Fun fact Earth vs Me one of my favorite songs from them in the past sounds just like Living Colour Pride :o
  • Avatar for Metalmania91
    I love this type of music the music is awesome. p(^_^)q(^ν^)^_^
  • Avatar for noomber
    "Builders of the Future" is effing nickelback :|
  • Avatar for crazysharky666
    New album is pretty good. 'Builders of the Future' is way out of place though.
  • Avatar for VovanKoperativ
    New album is so fucking cool.
  • Avatar for Lextasys
    Stop upvoting old pictures please. This should be the main right now.
  • Avatar for Lextasys
    They were awesome on Aerodrome Festival (HU) \\m/
  • Avatar for red__lipstick
    I have two tickets (Golden Circle) to Powerman 5000 and different bands in Aerodrome Festival Prague 2014 (June) that I am wanting to sell separately or as a pair. I'm willing to negotiate a price. CHEAP!
  • Avatar for interhole
    pm5k is back with some sophisticated music
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    First two albums are great, but the only track I like after that is Free.
  • Avatar for clintbeed6793
    Does anybody know if the new album will sound anything like their old stuff? Really hoping it isn't another Transform or Destroy What You Enjoy.
  • Avatar for max_maddox vote for it
  • Avatar for cee_bee
  • Avatar for Freenel
    играете то что надо
  • Avatar for BombBombBoom
    New music from Industrial metal/aggrotech band from Finland. These songs are awesome!
  • Avatar for Kingsforlife
    Is the new record done? Maybe. Never really feels done until it's on the self. All I know is, I just listened through to 10 new songs that sound killer! Sounds done to me. Sounds like a record. Sounds likesomething that you all will love. Is it loud? Yup. Is it strange? Yup. Is it empowering? Yup. Is it cynical? Yup. Is it electronic? Yup. Is it metal? Yup. Is it Powerman 5000? Absolutely. Yeah, we might tweak it, maybe add a song or two but for the first time in months I feel like we are there... we have a new record! Thanx for your patience and here's to a big 2014! -Spider
  • Avatar for Kingsforlife
    Never should of gone punk, still one fav bands;second favorite album by them is The Good The Bad and The Ugly.
  • Avatar for Jay101Trendkill
    After "Anyone for Doomsday" they went downhill, after "Transform" they pretty much died.
  • Avatar for FallenKnight13
  • Avatar for Meloku666
    Most ridiculous band ever!!
  • Avatar for Dorian535
  • Avatar for bjornoW12
    powerdude 4000
  • Avatar for RevolutionECW
    dudley boyz!!!
  • Avatar for musicishorrible
    absolutely disgusting
  • Avatar for satan_88_level
  • Avatar for ikd-sj
  • Avatar for Ubufyn
    This is ohuenno!!!!
  • Avatar for KsushaIgorevich
    Electric Avenue (Eddy Grant cover) <3
  • Avatar for HzCthulhu
    you are very sex kanka
  • Avatar for wlaXrbl
    Oh, and if you want to send me an pn or a shout what you think or if you have some recommendations, feel free to contact me. thanks.
  • Avatar for wlaXrbl
    Free song anyone? Hey, for all of you interested in Nu Metal bands. They're neither my friends nor got i payed. I just discovered them and me and my friends fucking love their style. give'em a try. They're a professional, but not well known Nu Metal band who just released their album. Here is one free song AND you can stream all the others: .. Also, here is a self made Video, great shots there ;) have a try, you won't be disappointed.
  • Avatar for barabans
    Hey, friends! watch our videos here )!


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