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POSTHUMAN TANTRA is a sci-fi dark industrial soundtrack to the "Posthuman Aurora" – a visionary brave new nightmare world based in mix between DNA & SYLICON, with a new kind of creatures that will mixture human, animals, vegetables and machines. The first POSTHUMAN TANTRA´s album – "Pissing Nanorobots" - was released as a CD-r in 2004. The POSTHUMAN TANTRA music are influenced by the ideas of the masters R.A.W., Blavatsky, Leary, Giordano Bruno, John dee, Rupert Sheldrake, Ken Wilber, P… read more

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  • this is fucken crazay
  • Regarding Darioq's shout, who cares what program the music is made in? It doesn't change how much I enjoy it.
  • Vejam a divulgação da coletânea "KALPAMANTRA- Emissions" no Blog "Esoteric Sancturay", incluindo outros links para possível download:
  • "Transbiomorph's Necronomicon" EP review "Transbiomorph's Necronomicon" EP new review, read the review below or in Panorama Journal (Colombia):
  • New links to dawnload free POSTHUMAN TANTRA albums: 1 - You can download de first album "Pissing Nanorobots" here: 2 - Download the Posthuman Tantra's compilation "Posthuman Void (2004-2008)" with 12 tracks here: Posthumam embrace,
  • GOTHIK KAMA SUTRA Alpha III & Posthuman Tantra 1 - Gothik Kamasutra 2 - The Infinite Ethereal Memes of the Universe 3 - The Search of Francesco Bernardone’s Neurocosmic Circuit 4 - Mystery of the Atomic Cathedrals 5 - Another Transgenic Mistake 6 - The Gaia Umbilical Cells’ Infinite Regeneration 7 - Intergalactic Sepulcrum 8 - The Ayahuasca Chamaleon Spirits 9 - My Posthuman Lover 10 - X-Tantric Mechanic 11 - The Light of the Mermaid’s DNA Tracks 1, 4 & 7 by Alpha III Tracks 3, 6 & 9 by Posthuman Tantra Tracks 2, 5, 10 & 11 by Posthuman Tantra & Alpha III See here the GOTHIK KAMA SUTRA’s cover art:
  • "Gothik Kama Sutra" was produced with the suport of ANAITES PRODS ( & LEGATUS RECORDS ( All artwork was created by Edgar Franco.
  • The album is called GOTHIK KAMA SUTRA and it includes 11 exclusive tracks (5 in partnership between the bands), the music is a mix between dark ambient, industrial, space prog and some gothik touches. The CD also includes special guest musicians from the brazilian gothic scene on the track "My Posthuman Lover" - the vocalists Claudionosfera (BELLS OF SOUL) and Getulio Silenzio (GARGULA VALZER).
  • GOTHIK KAMA SUTRA: new album’s out! The very special partnership between the legendary brazilian progressive act ALPHA III (created by the famous keybords master Amyr Cantusio Jr.) and POSTHUMAN TANTRA are out!
  • Visions from the Abyssal Neurogenetic Circuit - This track is about the possibilities of trance being reached through virtual reality, about technological trances similar to those caused by hallucinogens. Trances that might be able to make us reach the universal truths through our Neurogenetic Circuit (existent in the DNA). This track deals with the discovery of the cosmic conscience with help of technology. It is inspired on the thoughts of Roy Ascott & Robert Anton Wilson. It's a possible way I hope we'll be able to follow.

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