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Porcupine Tree

Radioactive Toy (10:00)


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  • The live versions of this song are powerful.
  • Give me the freedom to destroy... How many times I've listened this excellent song ??
  • Песня отличная, но никак не могу дослушать до конца.
  • Brilliant!
  • Give me, the freedom to destroy...
  • One of their best songs!
  • I had the chance to see Steven play this live last year in São Paulo :3
  • The version Steven Wilson played with his solo band on the "Raven" tour is incredibly epic. This particular version was played at the legendary Royal Albert Hall show: soundcloud.com/steven-wilson/radioactive-toy-rah
  • Instant love
  • He plays it nowadays with "Steven Wilson" band.
  • where did he played this live? Only saw him in Cologne and he played it there. :D
  • Best ever
  • This is the last song of the evening..
  • Was awesome hearing this live.
  • I heard this one when he came to Argentina, last May. It was one of the best experiencies i ever passed through. You feel the darkness and the tension in the middle section of the song, as the images pass behind them!
  • Having a hard time deciding whether I prefer the OTSOL or YHD version. OTSOL has a great solo in the middle, but YHD has a better and more detailed atmosphere and is more cohesive. At a push I'll probably go for the shorter YHD (i.e. original) version, but they are both great!
  • The power!!!
  • Amazing version by Steven Wilson on the Raven tour [2]
  • Amazing version by Steven Wilson on the Raven tour
  • awesome
  • one of the pt songs
  • wunderschön...................;-)
  • I just imagined Tom Petty singing this and I think that would be pretty badass.
  • Coma DIvine live version is really really good!
  • One of the best
  • @Graszcz, but PT was in the 90s.
  • perfect
  • 4:55 onwards
  • reminds me of 90s, mostly because of guitar tone, I think
  • Coma DIvine version is trurly a masterpiece, but I also like the studio version
  • I believe this is the best song I've heard about nuclear destruction.
  • Man... I saw the movie Threads as a 14 year old in 1988. It fucked my head for weeks afterwards.
  • TTS
    the vocals on "On the Sunday of Life..." version chills me
  • Coma Divine FTW! [2]
  • Group for fans of early psychedelic/space-rock Porcupine Tree! http://www.last.fm/group/Early+Porcupine+Tree
  • Coma Divine FTW!
  • I want to see it live soooo much!
  • fantastic
  • Love every version, but especially the first one :* Will always love : )
  • ♥♥♥
  • Perfection.
  • This is much better with a real drummer. The studio version has it's own atmosphere though.
  • I agree , the Coma Divine version is the epitome of musical genius.
  • The live version on Coma Divine kicks major ass.
  • Exploding speakers at 6:43
  • Wow.
  • such a bad song. yet awesome. glad they still play it live
  • powerful, charming and mind-blowing.
  • The first song I ever heard from Porcupine Tree (on "The Delirium Year" collection) and still one of my favorites. Never heard it live, though...
  • <3


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