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  • Avatar for Asanity
  • Avatar for kcallado
    Drums by Gavin Harrison are awesome! One of the best drummers
  • Avatar for WeirdSteve
    Mr Wilson is a great guitarist!
  • Avatar for LanaDuques
    I don't know whose side I'm on I don't think that I belong round here (...) Rain keeps crawling down the glass The good times never seem to last Close your eyes and let the thought pass...
  • Avatar for scientist4u
    underated band , there music is awesome , !!
  • Avatar for Drazba
    nice guitar
  • Avatar for greatezalor
    Just read Espedair Street by Iain Banks, surprisingly fits the theme of the book! Urge you to get it!
  • Avatar for SDFprowler
    Very much like Pink Floyd.. love it.
  • Avatar for BathroomPoetry
    It reminds me of Pink Floyd
  • Avatar for angelania2008
    'I spend my days with all my friends They're the ones on who my life depends I'm gonna miss them when the series ends.' oh, yes...
  • Avatar for angelania2008
    Rain keeps crawling down the glass. It's rainig now. Fits my atmosphere.
  • Avatar for HellsNewAge
    Is it just me, PT fans, or is this version of the song a bit slower than the album cut? Maybe it's just me...I'll blame it on the capsule AND the smoke!
  • Avatar for HellsNewAge
    So which is better: The capsule or the smoke?
  • Avatar for Athena920
    Can't believe I've never left this song a shout...Love the lyrics of this one. Helped me through some tough times.
  • Avatar for rockandrolljoe
    I tried the capsule and I tried the smoke.
  • Avatar for aarif69
    good track.
  • Avatar for wongbing1997
    @guto013 I'll debate with that one
  • Avatar for imjustthatcool
    @Neon time signature refers to how many beats occur in each measure, and which note gets a beat... it has nothing to do with melody, but rather with rhythm
  • Avatar for guto013
    Weakest track on In Absentia.
  • Avatar for Neon_Spadezzz
    This one has an intriguing time signature to it. (I don't know if that's the right term I'm trying to say, but what I'm trying to say is: I think this song has an interesting, melodic flow to it).
  • Avatar for srdjstuka
    Just sit back and enjoy PT as PT. Great band.
  • Avatar for filas312
    Floydish You say? NOPE, JUST PORCUPINE TREE. Stop trying to tag everything.
  • Avatar for katybdi
    So Pinkfloydish, LOVE IT
  • Avatar for jpeiper
    Funny how so many are drawn to compare PT to other outfits. They may actually have their own sound.
  • Avatar for robboelrobbo
    So Pink Floyd.
  • Avatar for Queslington
    Steven Wilson must have been sad when Friends ended. [2]
  • Avatar for Flynner11
    First PT song that reminded me of Pink Floyd. I love it so much.
  • Avatar for MinaseTaki
    Yeah, this is so PF. Then again, SW is a prog rock nutjob, so no surprise there.
  • Avatar for Justgotmyperiod
    This reminds me of...shit what is it...Prodigal by Porcupine Tree
  • Avatar for JeffersonBV
    SW must have been sad when Friends ended.
  • Avatar for scientist4u
    how good is this !!!!
  • Avatar for KConn3711
    very nice ... very nice indeed
  • Avatar for bernlin2000
    "I tried the capsule, I tried the smoke, I tried to aid escape like normal folk." Love that breakdown after the chorus.
  • Avatar for rosesforLunch
    Favorite song on the record!!
  • Avatar for katlillard
    one of my favorites...Steven Wilson is a God
  • Avatar for HeavenlyBass
    This one feels so Pink Floydish to me.[2]
  • Avatar for Lateralus--
    The song reminds of many different things, but I really don't feel the need to specify them.
  • Avatar for Gregski1111
    The main guitar riff always reminds me a little of Bob Dylan's "lay, lady, lay"
  • Avatar for sploosh999
    Classic PT.. doesn't remind me of Pink Floyd at all.
  • Avatar for LicoriceLain
    I agree. The harmonies most certainly have elements of Floyd.
  • Avatar for headgear56
    Great song from a great band! I love the vocals and the climax at the end.
  • Avatar for MourningMoon
  • Avatar for DaftPunk97
    very Floydic song
  • Avatar for alemii
    Reminds you of Brain Damage by Pink Floyd, doesn't it?
  • Avatar for Moxano
    This one feels so Pink Floydish to me. :)
  • Avatar for PlayWithMorFeel
    amazing lyrics. The line below and "...They took my money and i lost my faith" are my favorites.
  • Avatar for King-James23
    Close your eyes and let the thought pass
  • Avatar for Udders3
    Song fuckin' rocks.
  • Avatar for Icros
  • Avatar for qad5vs
    just so amazing


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