• Meu Top 30

    11 Feb 2010, 13:18 by Bellawonder

    Li as respostas do Gui e como tenho uma tendência natural a gostar de "enquetes", não resisti e respondi também. =B

    1. Como você conheceu 29?
    Black Sabbath: Sei lá! É uma das coisas que cresci ouvindo.

    2. Qual foi a primeira música que você ouviu de 22?
    Nickelback: Acho que foi Far Away, teve uma época que tocava em tudo quanto é lugar.

    3. Quantos álbuns de 13 você possui?
    Matanza: Nenhum, só a discografia no pc. x.x

    4. Qual é sua música favorita de 15?
    Pink Floyd: Meio difícil de escolher...mas de uns tempos pra cá, Wish You Were Here.

    5. Qual é sua música favorita de 5?
    Mötley Crüe: Gosto de um moonte, mas Saints Of Los Angeles é a que mais me deixa doidona. xD

    6. Há alguma de 6 que o faça feliz?
    Bad English: TODAS! hehe Mas When I See You Smile e The Time Alone With You são as mais perfeitas.

    7. Qual é sua música favorita de 10?
    Linkin Park: Leave Out All the Rest é uma das melhores...

    8. Há alguma boa lembrança relacionada a 30?
  • Top 50 Survey

    19 Jun 2008, 00:22 by RyanGarwood

    I - How did I get into 30?

    Mom actually played this one in the car on a trip from Purdue and told me if I liked shitty hair metal, this was a must.

    She was right.

    II - What is the first song I ever heard by 22?

    Probably "Ballroom Blitz" watching Wayne's World.

    III - What is my favourite lyric by 29?
    Sonata Arctica

    Truth be told, my favorite Sonata song is a cover of a kickass Scorpions song, so I'll have to go with my next favorite, "FullMoon" from Ecliptica:

    She should not lock the open door
    (run away run away, run away)
    Fullmoon is on the sky and he's not a man anymore
    sees the change in him but can't
    (run away run away, run away)

    Not especially deep, but it's an infectious chorus.

    IV - What is my favourite album by 49?
    Chris Isaak

    My favorite album is Forever Blue. It's the only one I have (that's not a Best of), but it's very moody.

    V - How many albums by 13 do I own?

  • Negative About My Top Twenty

    21 Apr 2008, 01:49 by Temporal-Walker

    I WILL do this right.
    I read this journal twice, so I have a good idea of how to do it:


    Alright! Let's begin!

    1. Metallica
    Oh Jesus Christ, this'll be fun. Alright, first off, sold out on the Black Album, and never went back to real metal. St. Anger sucked, they're pretentious these days, and when's that new album coming out guys? Far after this September? Fuck you, I've moved on. I'm not waiting for your precious return to form any longer, when it's clearly never going to come.

    2. Pink Floyd
    Stop bickering like little schoolgirls and get back together, you idiots! Roger, when you asserted your final control over Pink Floyd with The Final Cut, YOU FUCKED EVERYTHING UP. And when you left, the last two albums SUCKED ASS. Look at DSOTM and Wish You Were Here, and tell me that collaboration with friends isn't worth shit. Get back together, release and album, and GET ON TOUR instead of sending mixed messages in various interviews, fuckheads.
  • Poison with Ratt

    13 Aug 2007, 09:17 by buzclashpistols

    Sun 12 Aug – Poison, Ratt
    I am so proud that I took my sister to her first concert to go see Poison with Ratt.

    The opening band was Vains of Jenna. They were pretty decent, they reminded me of Ratt a little bit. They played for around a half an hour. I don't really care for White Lion who was supposed to be the opening band.
    They were playing "We Will Rock You" by Queen and hen Ratt came on and I was sooo excited!Warren DeMartini was is so talented at guitar. And Stephen Pearcy on vocals....oh my :) They played Dangerous but Worth the Risk,I'm Insane,You Think You're Tough,Wanted Man,Slip of the Lip,Way Cool Jr.(which i love),Nobody Rides for Free,Back for More.Lovin' You's A Dirty Job,Lack of Communication,Lay It Down,You're in Love,Body Talk, and of course they played Round and Round. I was surprised that they didn't play I Want a Woman but its fine cause they kicked ass with all their songs anyways!

    My sister and I went to the bathroom before Poison went on. …
  • Slight update... for some reason...

    9 Aug 2007, 19:57 by americamamushi

    Solo (The Chris Berry Experience)music has been stagnant lately.

    Song writing hasn't be going well either. I can't remember the last time I was able to write something new and finish it beyond just a concept and a few lines.

    Aluminum Phalkon has been the most eventful thing musically. Been trying to whore out our MySpace in hopes that others will find it amusing. We finished a new song a couple weekends ago, "I Hate Children, I Want Ice Cream."

    Yup. Thats about it. In theory we have another track or at least an idea for one and also, in theory, at some point we're going to do a Phalkon-esque cover of "Talk Dirty to Me" by Poison.

    Still trying to look for a drummer and another guitarist and/or whatever so we can have like a serious music project.
  • Oh My God, Look What The Cat Dragged In...Rhrrrr: An Ode to Hair Bands

    4 Jun 2007, 02:12 by Trissa

    Yes, it's true, one of my guiltiest guilty pleasures is 80s hair bands. My ITunes just played Poison's "Look What the Cat Dragged In" and I will not deny increasing the volume past the imaginary line set so the neighbors don't complain.

    Really though, is there anyone who can really hate hair bands? They remind me of my youth...simpler times...times when men could wear ball-biting spandex, eyeliner, and more Aquanet than a Valley girl and STILL be masculine and date supermodels. Damn Kurt and his grunge!! Bringing his "Teen Spirit" when I was trying to have "Nuthin' but a Good Time".

    While I am making embarrassing confessions, I'm pretty sure Axle Rose and Michael Jackson were tied as my first crushes. I looked strange wearing a bedazzled glove, a bandana, and bike shorts attempting to moonwalk to "Nighttrain". Apparently excessive Mtv watching since birth was affecting me. Once we got Showtime though, John Cusack took over as my fictional boyfriend. …
  • Abbreviated AI

    27 Apr 2007, 23:02 by WhereImGoing

    I fast-forwarded through a lot of "Idol Gives Back" because it just seemed like a whole lot of pomp and circumstance that I didn't have the time to sit through, and for the most part, I was right. I mean, five minutes of celebrities lip-syncing to Staying Alive? Seriously? What a joke. The only performances that really moved me to stop the fast forward were Kelly Clarkson and Annie Lennox. Past those, I was kind of bored. And how FREAKY was the duet with Celine Dion and Elvis Presley?

    As for the contestants, I really felt for Jordin Sparks at the end. What a freakin' cruel joke to play! Someone at American Idol should learn the difference between "shocking" and "surprising". Shocking would have been Jordin going home, or Chris Richardson being the first contestant to be safe. At least my boy gets to stay another week, although it will take a minor miracle for him to make it to the top 4.

    Next week is rock week. Here's what I would like to see the contestants perform...
  • Songs & Lyrics of the Day

    9 Apr 2007, 18:09 by haylem

    Time to get our hands on some good old Hard Rock today :-)

    Songs of the Days:
    "Achilles Last Stand" - Led Zeppelin
    "More Than a Feeling" - Boston
    "Talk Dirty to Me" - Poison

    Today's lyrics selection is a little more 'actual'...

    Lyrics of the Day:
    Warbrain - Alkaline Trio

    I can't go on
    You said my head's too heavy
    I need that song
    those trusty chords could pull me through
    and early on
    they saw the warning signs and symptoms all day long
    we sit and dream of better days
    where we'd hit the ground running on empty
    stories we've been told
    and all those nights we spent together never felt this fucking cold
    when we let the car run in the driveway
    kiss you one last time
    before we brought the horse's in before the storm of '59'!
    of 59' [x2]

    i cant go on these limbs have grown to heavy
    i need that song a night on earth could pull me through
    and early on
    they saw the warning signs and symptoms all day long
  • When I wuz a teenager....

    24 Sep 2006, 07:33 by happydufus

    This was just so Kewl!!!


    Talk Dirty to Me
    ya got to love it really.
  • About your Top 10.

    20 Jul 2006, 04:31 by sandpaperback

    Totally stolen from a journal I found in the Groups section. Copy, paste, edit, post.

    My Top 10 Most Played Artists on Last.Fm

    1. Pearl Jam
    2. Weezer
    3. Ben Lee
    4. Rancid
    5. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
    6. Elliott Smith
    7. The Flaming Lips
    8. Poison
    9. Ani DiFranco
    10. Queen

    What was the first song you ever heard by 6?

    Something in Good Will Hunting maybe?

    What is your favorite album of 2?

    Weezer (Green Album)

    What is your favorite lyric that 5 has sung?

    "I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
    But the dawn is breakin'
    Its early morn
    The taxi's waitin'
    Hes blowin his horn"

    How many times have you seen 4 live?

    Zero. :(

    What is your favorite song by 7?

    Fight Test

    What is a good memory you have involving the music of 10?

    Rockin' out to Bohemian Rhapsody, in the car, Wayne's World style.

    Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?


    What is your favorite lyric that 2 has sung?