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There are at least 5 bands with the name Point of View:

1. Point of View(POV) is a German synthpop band formed in the mid 90's.

2. Point of View is also a progressive rock/metal band residing in Poland with three releases to their credit.

3. Point of View also is a Belgian positive hardcore band who brings you Oldschool Beatdown !

4. Point of View is the greatest pop punk band alive and are from northeast pa. you like blink like them.

5. Point of View from San Jose is also the greatest pop punk band alive, playing in the South Bay music scene of the San Francisco Bay Area. Their music is humorous, but often political, and they say they describe themselves as "Pro-gay, Anti-War, Anti-violence, Pro-Animal Rights, Punk/Ska."

6. Point of View are a five-piece rock band who hail from the large country town that is Australia's Capital, Canberra. The Point of View sound is influenced by many varying styles, but the mixture of all of these have resulted in a modern Australian rock sound, driven by dirty vintage guitar tones, a tight punchy rhythm and infectious rock melodies.

7. Point of View is also a punk band from Italy.


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