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With songs called "Posh Punk Birthday," "Angry Kittens," and "Cute Chaos," this husband-and-wife tag team (writer-slash-filmmaker Tony Kapel on drums and visual artist Maite Urrechaga on bass guitar) is an adorably angst-y indie rock kinda thing. Just imagine if pre-divorce Kim and Thurston of Sonic Youth took a couple's retreat to Japan, got real deep into Tokyo cat cafe culture, and decided to record a concept album in the hotel bathroom. - Miami New Times, S.Pajot

I never thought we needed another husband-and-wife duo until I heard the strange, compelling, dissonant music of Pocket of Lollipops. This Miami duo fell into music after excelling at the other arts: Maite Urrechaga is a visual artist and Tony Kapel is a writer and filmmaker. The music they make together channels the energy, spontaneity and antiestablishment ethos of the New York No Wave movement of the early ‘80s – many of whose band members also dabbled in other art forms – creating an exciting antidote to the increasing sameness of so much indie rock today. -John Thomason, BocaMag

Pocket of Lollipops paints a picture of saccharine harmony -Abel Folgar, Miami New Times

the coolly bizarro, No Wave stylings of Pocket of Lollipops- Omar Sommereyns, Flavorpill

the visually stunning, wildly entertaining duo POCKET OF LOLLIPOPS-Digital Love, Revolution

This quirky couple packs a punch of talents. From filming art documentaries to playing their musical duet, Maite and tony are not just song birds, they are also scene-makers sharing their own brand of artschmaltz all over town. -Oliver Sanchez, Swampspace Gallery.

Whatever your preference, music and art pretty much always go well together, and sometimes great artists make great music. That is the case with husband and wife team Tony Kapel and Maitejosune Urrechaga make both art and beautiful music together. -Liz Tracy, NBC Miami

While the band rehearsed for the performance, the musicians appeared to play intuitively, with distinctive personalities that nonetheless drew from a single source. - Colleen Dougher, City Link

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