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  • Avatar for TeenageDeathBoy
    I mean, I like it. But still.
  • Avatar for TeenageDeathBoy
    Sometimes this sounds like the work of people who wanted to start a band, got together a couple of nights a week after work but when they couldn't manage to write any actual songs they recorded their jam sessions, threw a Photoshop collage together and called it a day.
  • Avatar for cometbus
    listen to passage
  • Avatar for saldbediasora
  • Avatar for DAUPHlN
    I miss their awful music 2009 was such a great year. we miss you poca haunted. cya.
  • Avatar for Ergheo
  • Avatar for HarleyMagoo
    Unsurprisingly better than Best Coast. And this is coming from someone that loves the shit out of Best Coast's pre-Crazy For You stuff.
  • Avatar for Anastaxia_Xylf
    Island Diamonds of course :)
  • Avatar for KargyraaMessiah
    Which album should I start with?
  • Avatar for ggretel
  • Avatar for cashualty
    Great piece of music!
  • Avatar for choosenfew
    They're still coherent. 'passage' i can hear k angers influence amongst heavy tribe. one of the best bands of this past decade.
  • Avatar for bgk90
    I feel like it's justified to compare the two since one came after another and involved the same founding member. Bob Bruno is also on the first Pocahaunted album. Best Coast seems so tame after Pocahaunted.
  • Avatar for ThaKifDrifta
    Live from Eagle Rock is sick.
  • Avatar for hohz
  • Avatar for xxbassxx
    shit went downhill when bethany left.
  • Avatar for Jedidude77
    seems ok to me
  • Avatar for SufferingAstrid
    you people are so funny comparing Pocahaunted and Best Coast in that which one is better than the other... these two projects present two separate musical worlds, and juxtaposing them on the same grounds seems not ok /// Pocahaunted 4 life
  • Avatar for bgk90
    Kicks the shit out of Best Coast..
  • Avatar for thrashdeth
    so lucky i got to see them one of the most beautiful live sets ever i wish Bethany never left and formed best coasty.
  • Avatar for cobraflamingo
    le sigh...
  • Avatar for Spinnbar
    i like this more and more ...
  • Avatar for laracoltt
    adore this band <3
  • Avatar for SssSpchMpdmnts
  • Avatar for nice_face
    ahrgh pocahaunted is the kind of band that you recall you loved, not the one that releases eps and albms each year or constantly gives performances. for me it's like a trophy you can look at; it brings out all the good memories and past successes, but itself doesn't create any of them
  • Avatar for dethcan
    @allthebigtrees do i detect jealousy?. dompe was the perfect fit for this band when they were together even more so than beth a.k.a shit mainstream coast. everyone can agree make it real sucked but threshold was a new beginning. short lived but good it was. every release is one of a kind. if you actually own it. which i doubt there records are like gems now.
  • Avatar for allthebigtrees
    This band used to kick so much ass. I love Best Coast, as well, but when Dompe joined.... I don't know. it's amazing what pretty, emaciated girls holding guitars can get away with.
  • Avatar for TheGreenLight
    Hey, guys, remeber when Pocahaunted was good? You know, back whe it was a thing.
  • Avatar for latenightbus
    "that bethany girl is one authentic broad " hilarious!!
  • Avatar for knifeintheback
    This is probably right up the alley for most of y'all..
  • Avatar for Festrada1987
  • Avatar for kakra
  • Avatar for beyainvasion
    y'all are my favorite of ambient artist!
  • Avatar for avantlesbian
    that bethany girl is one authentic broad
  • Avatar for BudzyNugbert
    saw them open in santa cruz a couple years ago... so much groovier then softcoast
  • Avatar for PopKaa
    hocapaunted wwwaow guys wow just... wow.
  • Avatar for no_more_wires
    Pocahaunted>Best Coast [∞]
  • Avatar for Degarmo
    pocahaunted is beyond everything [2]
  • Avatar for alexhornsby
    Diva's solo record is out now on Critical Heights AND it's mega!
  • Avatar for SpaceLoneliness
    Pocahaunted>Best Coast [∞]
  • Avatar for SufferingAstrid
    pocahaunted is beyond everything
  • Avatar for nice_face
    może być
  • Avatar for SufferingAstrid
    a ten no... Moccasinging
  • Avatar for Vavrzyn
    i love you, fuzzy buzzy girls
  • Avatar for clutnuckle
    love their lyrics.
  • Avatar for jesusson420
    I would skull fuck em'
  • Avatar for nice_face
  • Avatar for okayokejokhey
    Pocahaunted>Best Coast
  • Avatar for cometbus
    passage is really good.
  • Avatar for brownsounds


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