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Planks is a three-piece from Mannheim, Germany playing sludge/crust.

They formed in early 2007 after the old band of Frank (bass) and Ralph (guitar/vocals) Hellström broke up. Their drummer Benny also plays drums for the crust band Gun Mob.

They made their whole discography so far (Demo, self-titled LP, split with Tombs, Narshardaa Single) available to download on bandcamp.

"Well, gimmick…, Planks is all about water. Their lyrics and artwork all contain a lot of images and metaphors from stories about water-related topics such as 20.000 Leagues Below The Sea, Moby Dick, The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner etc. They just take influence from these images but not actually sing about these stories. It’s kind of like "Leviathan“ by Mastodon just that they don’t really sing about whales." Ralph



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