• Earth Monkey is 2 years old.....

    11 Mar 2008, 17:57 by earthmp

    Earth Monkey Productions is 2!! Yes we have now been going for a whole 2 what have we done in this time?

    On the EMP Net label we have released over 50 items by artists from the UK, Germany, the US, Belarus, the Ukraine, Japan and Canada which have been downloaded nearly 250,000 times, with a host of fantastic releases lined up as we go into year 3.

    Through our Open Circuit events we have promoted and put on such acts as Pamelia Kurstin, Fonik, Halal Kebab Hut, Pandacetamol, The Cardboard Lung, Jez Riley French, Clutter, Emvelope Nine, Planivaar, Duet For Theremin & Lap Steel & Muted Cell in Village Halls, Festivals, Concert Halls & Cafes all over the UK.

    Through our education programme Monkey Noises we have helped young people compose, perform and remix and see their work released alongside our current artists in a professional way.

    We are just about to release our first instalment of The Resting Bench Remix Project with the remix pack now being just short of 50,000 downloads
  • planivaar - the orange balloon (emp014)

    30 May 2006, 14:32 by earthmp

    The orange balloon

    Another fantastic release from Earth Monkey Productions - available for free download with full artwork at

    Planivaar is the name used by the artist Mark Lippett when making music. He writes, performs and records everything himself but has also collaborated with other musicians on occasion.

    Planivaar began as a project in 2005 when Mark sampled old sound recordings from cassettes he had made of his family in the 80’s and 90’s. These quickly became pieces of music in their own right and the whole thing continued from there.

    All music is created at home using guitars, keyboards and samples. Improvisation and random elements blend with dark textures and surreal humour.

    Sound recordings are collected from various sources and are then used at home to form the starting point for new music. Recent recordings have included samples of Mark’s baby son Adam.