• Ten Favorite Mixes

    28 Nov 2008, 19:44 by liftmuziek

    Besides listening to albums and compilations, I do tend to consume a lot of mixes released around the net on various blogs, podcasts, and labels. Although this selection is pretty enormous, I'd like to take the time and document some of the mixes that have appeared in my rotations more than a few times, and will most likely remain on the list. The other, most important reason for this post, is so that I could share this music with you. And best of all, these are all FREE for you to grab right now!

    Bop - Autumn Studio Mix (Sonorous Music)
    This one was recommended to me very recently, and I have already listened to it a bunch of times. Bop compiles a mix of intelligent drum'n'bass with a hint of bass heavy IDM elements. This one is exclusive to Sonorous Music. A big portion of tracks are produced by St. Petersburg (Russia) based Bop himself, which is very impressive. The tracks are minimal, glitchy, and deep. Highly recommended. I'm definitely keeping my eye on Bop.

    Anders Ilar - Love Fields (
  • Rotations (Feb 2)

    2 Feb 2008, 23:39 by liftmuziek

    2008 is slowly picking up, as labels start trickling out their strategically targeted releases. I, of course, am still behind, listening to other people's Best of 2007, and in many cases agreeing with their assessments. I hope that an album or two on here randomly catches your deficit disordered attention, and you discover a new artist, or perhaps even a whole genre! Enjoy!


    Grails - Burning Off Impurities (Temporary Residence Ltd)

    This must be one of the most interesting compositions that I've heard in a long time. Perhaps my surprise may be attributed to my lack of familiarity with instrumental psychedelic rock. Regardless of the circumstances, I find the album refreshing, intelligent, skillfully executed, and captivating. The four member band from Portland, Grails, has more than half a dozen of releases on labels such as Important…