• Take Only What You Need From Me

    29 Apr 2008, 06:02 by YTMNDuser

    A nice mixture for April or just the end of it.

    1. MGMT - Kids
    2. Led Zeppelin - Trampled Underfoot
    3. Radiohead - Down Is The New Up
    4. Boys Noize - Wu-Tang (Battery Pt. 2)
    5. Autechre - Vose In
    6. MGMT - Electric Feel
    7. Justice - Let There Be Light
    8. Clark - Penultimate Persian
    9. Animal Collective - Street Flash
    10. Plaid - New Family
    11. The Beatles - Get Back
  • Plaid Digital Tones

    12 Feb 2006, 00:17 by darkh

    Some words about my favorite electronic music artists: Plaid and Digitonal.

    First track I've listined (and saw too) to was New Family.
    And from that moment I've knew that I'm going to like it. Earlier I didn't like electronic music , cuz I thought it was primitive. But from that time I've chaneged my mind.
    Electonic music can be great if played the right way.
    I love Plaids shape of music, subtle fadeouts and sudden fadeins.
    Recently I've listend to remixes of many diffent songs: Parts in the Post (disc 2) and some of them were even better than the original in my opinion.
    I suggest listening if You want to find something diffrent in electronic.

    My first contact with this artist was through player. I must say it was something new in the electronic music. So peaceful and subtle. Although I've onli listened to four track from The Centre Cannot Hold so far I like it very much. The best track on that album is in my opinion Snowflake Vectors.
    This kind of music makes me very relaxed.