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  • i quite like their music
  • v. because their city is hell and the ghost inside their head is violently [url=https://youtu.be/p3T93CuahyY]aflame[/url].
  • How can anybody h8 U
  • I say only Plaid's stuff is "really intelligent dance music".
  • "unbank" is sick
  • Last album is brilliant... It was a long time ago I didn't listen to Plaid, but this album reconciles me with them :)
  • I cannot understand the attitude against Reachy Prints. Being Plaid or not being Plaid, that album is brilliant, catchy, fun, wonderful. And much better than Scintilli.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epCB4Bu-5vQ
  • I'm afraid those guys aren't capable of making anything interesting/inventive anymore... Every album after 2001 (Double figure) sounds the same.... Melodies in "new" tunes are really flat, and you won't even recognize from which album does the track come. Of course, there are 1-2 good tracks on each "new" album, but "good" is all you can say about them. Not mentioning you will forget them after few days.
  • https://greyone.bandcamp.com/track/brandon-is-nightmare Inspired by Plaid
  • Scintilli for soft warm purrrr, Reachy Prints for wet warm puke.
  • Reachy Prints is awesome [2] (and probably is AOTY)
  • quality stuff detected :)
  • really liking these reachy prints
  • c70
  • Reachy Prints is awesome.
  • Reachy Prints is pretty decent. Not their best by any means though. Think Wallet and ropen are my favourite tracks
  • http://www.groove.de/2014/05/28/download-exklusiver-dj-mix-von-plaid/ Groove magazine exclusive mix by Plaid- download it!
  • also reachy prints is pretty tight
  • they're not the fathers of idm, but they sure are the dads
  • Really enyoyed my first listen of Reachy prints. Back to track one!
  • Reachy Prints is incredible. AOTY so far.
  • and also in case you didn't know already not everyone uses FB. New album is splendid, though I think Scintilli will always be my fav.
  • and also in case you didn't know already Plaid Facebook page with news: https://www.facebook.com/Plaid
  • Voting needs to be done by 26th May and their is over 7 and a half hours of listening! Blimey...
  • LISTEN UP! Over 99 remixes here of Tether from Plaid's new album-re-mixed by tons of good people, and all up for a big pile of prizes from Plaid. Go listen and cast your vote please! Some really excellent stuff in here. https://soundcloud.com/plaid/sets/tether-remixes
  • n i c e
  • pssst!: it's plaid-x-mas..... ;) :D :D :D
  • new LP of one of my favourite artists in about 1,5 months = excitement! + new song is a good sign... :)
  • yeah good news about the album
  • get hypeeeeeeeed
  • new track: http://youtu.be/AJ6I6J0yrHQ
  • forever classic!
  • Played
  • The music video for Itsu is one of my all time faves.
  • Beautiful last night at the Barbican, thanks Andy and Ed! :)
  • I've slowly fallen in love with the Heaven's Door soundtrack. Possibly one of my favourites from Plaid
  • pino pomo
  • "Plaid (pronounced \ˈplad\)" are you fucking kidding me?
  • love "rest proof clockwork". beautiful music
  • "Ol" is such a good minimal track...
  • Coat!
  • i enjoy this music.
  • Fer!!!!!!!
  • Kortisin
  • How isnt Scoobs in Colombia higher >>>>???
  • my little treasure
  • genial fantastic nice awesome *__* i love it
  • These guys have nice enough studio stuff by the sounds of things, but live tonight in Belfast they were offensively bad. Left after half an hour.


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