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Debaser (2:39)


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  • I got my copy of Doolittle second hand for like £7 and although most of it plays fine, Debaser and Mr Grieves are pretty scratched and the needle jumps around a lot and I've sort of gotten used to it and it sounds weird listening to it without those random little skips
  • One of the best leads ever
  • smells like teen debaser
  • There is something so good, so strong[url=http://mr-ginseng.com/ginkgo-biloba/].[/url] I want more songs like this[url=http://mr-ginseng.com/maca/].[/url]
  • I was on my High School debasing team.
  • Lavlee Brunel reference ere .... Great song
  • oh ya!!~
  • Coolest song ever.
  • You're on flmcasey, you're on, I'll meet you in the parking lot in 5 minutes!
  • Kim's backing vocals contrast so well with Black Francis' manic screams [2]
  • one of those songs where you can remember the exact time and place you first heard it
  • this is the greatest song in the world and i will fight anyone who says otherwise.
  • One of the greatest alt rock songs ever.
  • l..l
  • girl your so groovy
  • Baseo
  • "Slicin' up eyeballs, ah ha ha ho!" XD "Dunno about you, but I am Un Chien Andalusia!" Just great.
  • DEBASER!!!
  • I wanna be, be a debaser!
  • absolutely
  • still one of the best songs of all time
  • One of the best muscinematic songs ever penned & performed. God, I love Frank Black's shriek-singing here.
  • Dali and Buñuel would be proud of this.
  • I speak French, and I know this song is about a dog and a toilet.
  • Such a powerful opener of a track. Really picks things up from what is a fantastic record.
  • Girlie so groovy HA HA HA HO!
  • Ahh, this song...this album! The absolute best of the Black Francis vocal screech. 'Slicin' up eyeballs, ha ha ha ho!'
  • i would prefer a rawer sound without the poppy female vocals tbh
  • Kim's backing vocals contrast so well with Black Francis' manic screams
  • last night my suitemate was flipping through channels on the tv and i heard some program with this song playing in the background and some loud & terrible actor screeching "DID YOU KNOW THAT THEY BASED THIS SONG OFF OF A SALVADOR DALI SHORT FILM CALLED UN CHIEN ANDALOU" and i could tell it was the shows halting attempt at being cool and hip and it made me vomit
  • pixtastic
  • Good song
  • slicing up eyeballs
  • how can a song be this good?
  • R.I.P. Kurdt
  • www.play--music.com New music site will help you find any band in the world.
  • what the fuck?! any ORIGINAL-version Pixies songs on here?!
  • Ha ha ha ho
  • Slicing up eyeballs!
  • One of their best songs
  • Band 'Kerbdog' did a pretty good cover of this. DEBASER!!!!
  • Perfect
  • aw ho ho ho!
  • lol when Paul Rudd is singing along to this in This Is 40. "THIS SONG KICKS OFF DOOLITTLE."
  • i want you to know :)
  • girlie so groovy
  • To Sweary McSwearypants below: You get to hear a cool version of a cool song from a great band for free, and you are so angry that you swear at the people who deliver it to your in your bedroom. What a first world dick. ;)
  • kim's back vocal sounds really awesome in studio version, but it sounds like shit in live version..
  • i want to be a debaser!!!!!!


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