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  • Avatar for thevoide
    Somehow visiting your profile today made me think of Front 242 and their track Lovely Day, don't ask me why... Cheers, D
  • Avatar for concretica
    !!! 0||0 !!!
  • Avatar for puberPuNk
  • Avatar for BetteDillinger
    You never fail to amaze me with that stunning voice. I love how it weaves and dances in the music.....a gorgeous voice from a gorgeous soul. xo
  • Avatar for rsb1000
    beautiful, haunting voice
  • Avatar for arsenaultk9
    Hey, I like this kind of jazz-electro. Seriously the sounds here are interesting and I normaly hate techno.
  • Avatar for Pixieguts
    i'm [url=]there[/url] imbuteria and it's enchanting! :-)
  • Avatar for pterodata
    dear Pixie, listen to Visible and let me know your oppinion all the best, j)
  • Avatar for imbuteria
    21 e 22 aprile grande festa virtuale qui siete invitati tutti!
  • Avatar for Pixieguts
    Thanks for the comments and tagging as always! New album release - [album artist=Pixieguts]immaterial[/album], available for one-click free download from my [url=]main music site[/url].
  • Avatar for drstrangelover
  • Avatar for imbuteria
    enjoy:äleon !!;o))
  • Avatar for gethinkitchener
    pixieguts-fantastico-awsomino!!! i am very much humbled when i hear music as good as this, love it!!! [artist]Gethin[/artist]
  • Avatar for silverlage
    It has only been one weekend and I already miss you. [url=]Zilch Records[/url]
  • Avatar for imbuteria love Pixieguts!
  • Avatar for Pixieguts
    cheers baskyl. just to let everyone know i have [url=]a new blog[/url] that brings together a lot of different projects i've been involved with both here at and elsewhere... [url=]Pixieguts Vox[/url]. thanks to all for listening, tagging, commenting and sharing!
  • Avatar for baskyl
    Hey, Pixie! Thanx 4 putting up a Wiki on [artist]Baskyl[/artist]! Awesome. I injected some more infos. Hope it complies with them lfm wiki rules *g* Thanx again - you roxx!!!
  • Avatar for SWConcepts
    Wow! Phantom Brain is exquisite! One of my faves since I can remember... Blessings, Warren SWConcepts
  • Avatar for Gurdonark
    I'm a huge believer in the international collaborative culture we're all building here. Your work in crossing so many literal boundaries in the imaginary neighborhood of cyberplace is on the right track.
  • Avatar for seachnasaigh
    Hello, Pixie! I'm new here; I just installed the Vista gadget ("scrobbler"?) on my new 64-bit render box. ~*~ Pixieguts arrives at the palace ~*~ 1,447Kb Flash video (no audio)
  • Avatar for fatherlesschild
    Don´t find words for that beautiful voice, stuff, dreams made of
  • Avatar for MainiSorri
    Hi Pixie, thank you for sharing your music! I like your new track Love You to a Drum Beat. Have a great week!
  • Avatar for nanapo
    Wow, impressive! Thanks for making this, and making it available for free too
  • Avatar for EVTmusic
    Hey Pixie :) A shout for you! -ev
  • Avatar for guellepumpe
    had to come back...this voice...<3
  • Avatar for guellepumpe
    This voice touched my soul
  • Avatar for Yllasco
    That´s really great stuff!
  • Avatar for pterodata
    hello, would you like to colaborate putting voices over some Pterodata's music?
  • Avatar for pterodata
    beating to help to transform the web in a box of sounds, all the best, j)
  • Avatar for Pixieguts
    Join me in the [url=]Neon Beatz Live Radio/Chat Party[/url] on Dec 4!
  • Avatar for roxytee
    Love from Texas.
  • Avatar for Pixieguts
    couple of new remixes uploaded in the past couple of days... [track artist=pixieguts]Line by Adrian Carter (Iannis' mo'money mix)[/track] [track artist=pixieguts]Clearview (Mr Collie's Deep Mix)[/track]
  • Avatar for LordHali
    [group]Hidden Artists[/group]
  • Avatar for betrazivis
    nice :)
  • Avatar for Nanah01
    Beautiful music Pixieguts! All the best, NANAH
  • Avatar for blugurl
    that usb stick travelled from sydney to melbourne, pixie. :) long distance music hehe.
  • Avatar for reynayar
    Hey, had not had the opportunity to listen to your music depth and charm me. I think you're great and amazing artist and a terrific singer
  • Avatar for mellow_boy
    hi my friend sent some tracks on usb with TRavvy on it. Some of ur tracks (prahran)(pixiegraf) were on there too! Enjoying listening!
  • Avatar for Pixieguts
    Exciting new trip hop group you've started, thanks for the feature!
  • Avatar for SirAlecHendrix
    Pixieguts featured artist of the week in the [group]n i g h t l o u n g e[/group]
  • Avatar for SirAlecHendrix
    you're welcome, pixie, i loved to do that ! i'm so thrilled i don't sleep enough ...
  • Avatar for JOJOKYRA
    good vibes ♥
  • Avatar for Zumaro
    Hello, i love your awesome vocals on Pacific Highway! and thanks a lot for your shout on my page many greetings from the North Sea Coast
  • Avatar for Pixieguts
    New collaboration with [artist]Northcape[/artist], thanks to him for the great track! [track artist=Pixieguts]Pacific Highway (Northcape Version)[/track]
  • Avatar for MainiSorri
    Hi, it was very interesting to listen to you tracks, great music! All the best from Sweden!
  • Avatar for AKO77
    Just love the new remix. Pacific Highway (Northcape Version feat. Pixieguts)
  • Avatar for kb7clx
    Shot After Midnight (with Crimson Death) <3 Best version ever! Wow! Metal really suits you.
  • Avatar for TheHomeGuard
    Just listened to a couple of your tracks - very impressive! :-)
  • Avatar for Babs_05
    Love the new tracks! :)
  • Avatar for Pixieguts
    Another new one... [track artist=pixieguts]Shot After Midnight (with Crimson Death)[/track]... This is [artist]Crimson Death[/artist]'s remix of [url=]Shot At Midnight[/url] (original by [artist]Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts[/artist]). The new track maybe best described as 'metal trip-hop', it's pretty wild, check it out!


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