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  • Avatar for Dream_EA
    Vulvatron дааа )
  • Avatar for menanggung
    почему он похож на какого-то гопника
  • Avatar for wheresyourblues
    гордость Новосибирска
  • Avatar for allah_breakdown
    Кайфовые биты
  • Avatar for LazzzyDiana
    крутая музыка
  • Avatar for Seperat0r
    Quality stuff. Reminds me of the attention to detail and varietal layers of like Slugabed or even Siriusmo. But it works at its own pace, never wasting a transition after the fourth bar. Droppy, but not obnoxious.
  • Avatar for j0yrex
  • Avatar for korzinka
    Хорошо дрочить под него.
  • Avatar for Grenouille_
    Kiwi Dream (Kastle Remix)!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111 AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • Avatar for Scud_Katana
    очень доставляет, спасибо
  • Avatar for Cassette10
    best producer.
  • Avatar for khorints Pixelord in the Up2d8 Festival - have fun! :D
  • Avatar for Messir_PU
    Diggin' the EP
  • Avatar for awfulcopter
  • Avatar for Grenouille_
    check em all
  • Avatar for dubt33
    Just recently discovered this guy, wonder whats his best album?
  • Avatar for samheerey
    Dazed Digital has premiered a huge remix of Lorn's new single "Weigh Me Down" by Lucky Me's Mike Slott. The track is taken from Lorn's new album "Ask The Dust", and this remix takes the original into a whole new direction. Check it out at
  • Avatar for Concr3te
    Big ass tunes!
  • Avatar for patryk10
    Amazing Remix !! Minoo - All the world (PIXELORD Remix)
  • Avatar for quinns1337
  • Avatar for lourini
    а норм, улавливается русский стиль
  • Avatar for Dolbojezh
  • Avatar for acidlost
  • Avatar for Radistos
    Айда в Екат!!! ))
  • Avatar for Pisi777
    His stuff is so refreshing and good!
  • Avatar for oneweektwo
  • Avatar for vikey_ua
    ох даже как-то русское открытие года для меня! отлично
  • Avatar for MAD-HOP
  • Avatar for AlexashaM
    ой красавец! big up
  • Avatar for 5p1r17
    Cycloferon is totally the wickedest beat around!
  • Avatar for Swerveaction
    Like what I'm hearing, good sheet!
  • Avatar for pinepeach
    womp womp womp
  • Avatar for NastyGarden
    pixelord is the shit !
  • Avatar for TacticalSanta
    puzzles is purple perfection!
  • Avatar for Grenouille_
  • Avatar for Grenouille_
    I REPEAT Love Is (Coco Bryce Rave To The Slythm Mix)!!!!!!!!!!!11
  • Avatar for Moon-sama
    Cybernator ВОТЭТАБАСЫ
  • Avatar for Atems
  • Avatar for electro_hive
    это круто!!! неимоверно
  • Avatar for OscarDTravis
    woah! good sound :)
  • Avatar for errortick
    Check this out new mix of Pixelord DL FREE
  • Avatar for microlas
    equis <3
  • Avatar for Grenouille_
    Love Is (Coco Bryce Rave To The Slythm Mix) ДА!
  • Avatar for stanl3y2
    puzzles' superb release
  • Avatar for Radistos
  • Avatar for Iryn16
    Спасибо за посещение поднебесной. Шанхай тебя не забудет.
  • Avatar for buvica011
  • Avatar for coffeeandpigs
  • Avatar for 8NapalmBrain8
    ебать, мск давай давай
  • Avatar for Br1g1tt3
    Saw him perform at State X New Forms. Wicked!!!


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