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Pink Floyd

Pow R Toc H (4:26)

"How Pow R Toc H started was just one geezer would go up to the microphone and go, Ba-boom-chi-chi, and eveyone picked up on it and put the other things in it and then the drums and picked up and that was more or less that..



Pink Floyd - Pow R Toc H Lyrics


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  • i'm a Chinese who loves pink floyd and led zeppelin. is there even possible any chance they'll reunite and give a perform somewhere China? very very improbable in my life time......=_=b
  • I found a very good jazz improvisation in this song :)
  • txxxx txxxxx wuuuuuuu wuuuuuuuuuu toi toi, toi toi... amazing =D
  • woah, I love the intro...VEEEERRY ' Psychedelic '...That would twist your bean if you were on hallucinogens!! Unfortunately ive not done any while listening to this record :(
  • wu wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu toi toi, toi toi
  • of course we all know that Syd's brief life in Floyd is best remembered by this masterpiece album. Better than the beatles Pepper album. Why because this is so less contrived. These guys had an effortless style that was psychedelic. The beatles sorry (great songs an that) faked it.
  • I love the *ambience* of this.
  • this is the first bet-boxing piece ever. Pff, tshh-tshhhh... pff, tshh-tshhh tointoin
  • Nothing left here, yet?! Crazy talk! Well, I love this song. The beginning, especially. Syd getting it done in the getting it done department.

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