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  • Avatar for Gentuchan
    flika flika flika blam, pow!, pow!
  • Avatar for hessel-z
    No, it's not. The original is awesome, but the live version on Ummagumma fucking kills.
  • Avatar for Isee_deadpeople
    I'd even say Voivod's version is better
  • Avatar for jrs1991
    Great song. Voivod's cover is also really great.
  • Avatar for pteronophobic
    The Ummagumma version reigns supreme.
  • Avatar for astronomy_dmine
    Pow Pow
  • Avatar for The_SchizoidMan
  • Avatar for hessel-z
    great version on UMMAGUMMA [3]
  • Avatar for rockandrolljoe
    Flicker Flicker Pow Pow
  • Avatar for wiseblood-
    One of the greatest songs of ALL TIMES!
  • Avatar for RAY7654321
    Listening to the debut album "Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" released in August 1967. This is an incredible piece of work by the genius of Syd Barrett & Albert Hoffman. Song written by Syd and vocals by Syd & Wright.
  • Avatar for sls
    Does anyone know what the Morse at the beginning is saying? If it is Morse.
  • Avatar for Druid66
    Hint of things to come from them... interstellar quality.
  • Avatar for lord_of_beer
    the mono version is the bst!
  • Avatar for zicos10
    great music !
  • Avatar for peppe68
  • Avatar for bossmark1
    This is Groovy
  • Avatar for VasilySavush
    Любимый психодел
  • Avatar for LastOneStand
    great version on UMMAGUMMA [2]
  • Avatar for lukasz_pulawski
    One of their finest!
  • Avatar for DustinDaniels
    think this is their best perhaps
  • Avatar for drop_packet
    listen to this track is like traveling through 6 th dimension. It's not somethign more
  • Avatar for Lowbacca
    great version on UMMAGUMMA
  • Avatar for Storchel
    Well said assedor, I feel you
  • Avatar for Assedor
    It's hard to explain, describe, or write about Pink Floyd. Like listening to the sound of sex through a thin motel wall, you know Pink Floyd when you hear it, even if you would be hard-pressed to describe exactly what is going on. What you do know is that it stirs you and it keeps you up at night. We have all been alone in that motel room with the thin walls. Hearing the cries of pleasure next door is painful because it is impossible to go to sleep while someone else is having so much fun. Yet those sounds of Pink Floyd also stir imaginary pleasures."
  • Avatar for SoporAeternus-
  • Avatar for The_SchizoidMan
    Lime and limpid green, a second scene, a fight between the blue you once knew. Floating down, the sound resounds around the icy waters underground.
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    transmission from outer space stop syd barrett here stop everything is sparkling stop
  • Avatar for JohnnyMath
    The pulse version is so WTF hahah
  • Avatar for Serggiio
  • Avatar for Roy1968Wood
    I'm hearing the live version from Umma Gumma, which is absolutely fine. The studio version on "Piper..." is superb too, as is the album itself. Barrett vs Gilmore on guitar? A tie.
  • Avatar for joosefak
    This album is amazing. Album's trips was amazing specially this song and Lucifer Sam
  • Avatar for Zarckness
    all in this song is amazing
  • Avatar for rhondabowlin
    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
  • Avatar for Mechayoshi
    The voivod cover is great but you can't mess with the classic.
  • Avatar for lukasz_pulawski
    An Astral Chant
  • Avatar for The_SchizoidMan
    Fucking amazing, like Interstellar Overdrive.
  • Avatar for ashrafoe
    Driving in my first car w/ Piper blaring on cassette deck! good memories. Influenced me to go hiking alone back then
  • Avatar for TekoScott
  • Avatar for essex853
  • Avatar for corpsetastic
  • Avatar for RaiqueThrasher
    So close to Metal... Seriously.
  • Avatar for protonemata
    awesome guitar, syd is amazing
  • Avatar for DavCnuk
    Floyd fans... try Voivod's version of this song, it's awesome!
  • Avatar for Szopen715
    Ummagumma version owns it all
  • Avatar for lord_of_beer
    not bad, but the mono version of Piper is better.
  • Avatar for Cielofunk
    Fantastic, incredibly unique song
  • Avatar for Rinetzko
    @MilesAboveYou Because the lyrics are full of short syllables that need to be spoken fast. You need to divide your breath very good to pull that off. ;)
  • Avatar for robotron_2084
    The Ummagumma version of this is completely fucking vicious.
  • Avatar for MRRUSTYCAGE
    HAIL SYD. [2]


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