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  • Im sure someone else has said this but did you know the cover is of an ear made to look underwater? Freakin crazy I never noticed that before! Thanks wikipedia, for once.
  • J'ai la Version de 1994 ^_^
  • @moucon Great post. I think you make some valid points.
  • Dear classic rock/die-hard Floyd fans...I wanted to comment on why Meddle has never had the same regard as Dark/Wish/Wall. It's the same reason Revolver is not Sgt. Pepper... Song for America is not Leftoverture...etc. Very often fans become fans upon release of a band's Magnum Opus, thus the band starts (for that fan) at that point in time. Rapidly evolving bands had to evolve from something - and that something is more often than not the one or two LPs that preceded the big blow-out public breakthrough. There are bits and pieces of Dark/Wish/Wall throughout Meddle. Hindsight is always 20-20 so it's very easy to see that now. In 1971, we all had no idea what was to come. Hardcore Floyd fans probably saw Meddle as a quantum leap forward - but I did not discover it until after Dark Side of the Moon - so my take on it is much different. My take is OH... THAT's where the Gilmour/Wright harmonies were developed... I'm out of characters, I hope this makes sense
  • Echoes is their best song.
  • @cap_surgeon Well, it's a matter of relative popularity, I'd say. To many music fans, even some who might describe themselves as "big Pink Floyd fans," Pink Floyd is basically The Dark Side of the Moon/Wish You Were Here/The Wall. You'd be surprised how many people fall into this category and have little to no awareness of the existence of this album, Animals, The Final Cut, etc. So perhaps compared to something like, I dunno, Octopus by Gentle Giant it's not "underrated" or "unknown," but within Pink Floyd's discography it isn't frequently held in the same regard by fans or critics as the three LPs I mentioned before. At any rate, it's a great album and one that I count among my favorites.
  • My favourite Pink Floyd album.
  • Can't. Stop. Listening. To. Echoes.
  • underrated? an album that went double platinum? 5 million something scrobbles underrated? an insider's tip at last? but very beautiful really

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