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  • Avatar for Infinitemporary
    Learning Portuguese here.
  • Avatar for elektronowy
    le francais.
  • Avatar for Cristas
    どうもありがとうございます ピムスェルさん !!
  • Avatar for mkcsaby
    certain languages have 3 units each comprising 30 audio lessons roughly lasting between 25 and 30 minutes. If you complete the 3 units you may say that you've reached level A1 of the CEFR. If you want to move forward you might want to give a chance to the LanguagePod101 programmes.
  • Avatar for Cinibunny
    Sehr gut herr Primsleur :o
  • Avatar for rezanoegraha
    Danke Dr. Pimsleur !
  • Avatar for koaxi
    The Norwegian woman keeps ignoring my "unnskylde."
  • Avatar for LordAvKveld
    Another bid for Icelandic! Currently going full steam ahead with Swedish, I'm loving it so far.
  • Avatar for v4zquez
    yeah Icelandic would be awesome :))
  • Avatar for sundaymars
    NEEDS ICELANDIC AND LATIN!!! [02] I have been listening to the German course and I must say that I thoroughly enjoy this method of learning foreign languages.
  • Avatar for WolfieboyMachi
  • Avatar for mazarinozhafir
    pimsleur czech is great :D
  • Avatar for kartofili
    japanese and norwegian ^_^ thanks
  • Avatar for kyuk-
  • Avatar for vmlemon
    Hmm, where are the Pimsleur ringtones that Last.FM are promising? I guess those went the way of the pony...
  • Avatar for gooutinstyle
  • Avatar for KenneyJak
    Going to Germany in September, should be enough time to be fairly decent. Luckily I'm staying with friends who speak English, just in case
  • Avatar for StephenJayy
    Swedish. :D
  • Avatar for onthebrinkx
    this is a decent program to practice pronunciation and a bit of listening comprehension. this program is best used paired with something else. for example, you guys should check out the assimil series. its supposedly one of the best programs in europe for language learning. also look for the ultimate beginner intermediate series of books by living language. get those books, plus pimsleur, and watching movies/listening to music in your target language then you should be good to go. i happen to use all of those plus im taking university courses so im hoping to be fluent in no time.
  • Avatar for holymessiah
  • Avatar for Norskebanan
  • Avatar for Berbekk
    some vine or some bear
  • Avatar for filippeeters
  • Avatar for hiyalosars
    Farsi, Turkish, and Mandarin. Just Farsi for this program though hah
  • Avatar for yohlenyaoilover
  • Avatar for MerryCrassmas
    "Imagine an American man sitting next to a German woman..." This is one of the best ways to learn a language, but Michel Thomas is better :)
  • Avatar for yalmove
  • Avatar for spikebogdan
    Germain ;)
  • Avatar for irchen
  • Avatar for spincat
    Spanish! as well and later something else..
  • Avatar for Tzimoun
    Chinese! This program is great :)
  • Avatar for FilippoInzaghi
    Portuguese! Using this and Rosetta Stone.
  • Avatar for DarkReality
    Spanish over here!
  • Avatar for Zeppled
    trying to learn german and russian ! :D
  • Avatar for AliceInChains15
    Shall soon be attempting to learn Polish with it..
  • Avatar for missbb1988
    learning german and loving it, a great program
  • Avatar for summerchild83
    and i'm learning norwegian ))
  • Avatar for subtlewhisper
    Sumimasen, eigoga wakarimasuka?
  • Avatar for m3tr0
    evgaristo poli kirio Pimsleur!
  • Avatar for mtp525
    Dr. P, you are the man. This is wayyyyy better than rosetta stone. If you weren't dead, I would buy you a beer.
  • Avatar for zte1989
    I should've said Vielen Dank! :) by the way: Möchten Sie etwas mit mir essen? Um zehn Uhr? Oder um neun Uhr?
  • Avatar for darakan
    Jag förstår svenska [2]
  • Avatar for Ms_Maleficium
    ich spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch :P Thanks Pimsleur! [2]
  • Avatar for svalbard_disco
    perdon senorita (+1)
  • Avatar for zte1989
    ich spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch :P Thanks Pimsleur!
  • Avatar for JeBuZac
    Totally underrated and WAAAY ahead of his time.
  • Avatar for hiimleslieee
    wait! Hangolmol butheyo! thanks lesson 1.
  • Avatar for hiimleslieee
    Yongol butheyo
  • Avatar for rodolfosiri
    I love how his first lessons are always teaching how to meet some girl and ask her out hahaha this guy's a genius!
  • Avatar for Tihonius
    Tengo dinero, pero no tengo un perro. ¿Y usted?


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