• Todd Bentley and the Florida "Outpouring" (Lakeland, Florida) - Post 1

    5 Jul 2008, 22:33 by Arwen4CJ

    I realize that this topic is not going to concern all of you.....but I would like everyone on here to be well informed.

    In case you are unaware, there is a healing "revival" going on in Lakeland, Florida.....it's called the "Florida Outpouring." The main leader/teacher is someone named Todd Bentley.

    Many Christians are flocking to him because of the healings that are associated with this "revival."

    I have done some reading on this o, and I really am concerned. I dFeel that Todd Bentley is a false prophet and a false teacher.

    the more I learn about him the more disturbed I get...this is not simply just false doctrine...it’s not just prosperity gospel....but it’s DANGEROUS spiritual stuff....more dangerous than Second 8th week ministries -- because of how popular he is.

    if he’s having encounters with demons, and putting this demonic annointing on them, and then having them take it back to their own churches.... …
  • Some important lessons I learned from being exposed to false teachers - how the…

    5 Jul 2008, 21:36 by Arwen4CJ

    Second 8th week ministries is not the only false teaching that I have been exposed to. I have talked to Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons, as well as people coming from various other spiritual perspectives. I've had some very interesting discussions. I have also talked with people who have gotten caught up in dangerous false teachings before.

    I must say that something that I keep running into is people who teach false things that are heavily into spiritual gifts.

    I do want to say that I definitely believe in the biblical spiritual gifts. I believe that the Holy Spirit does equip people with gifts.....

    However there is unmistakeable evidence that there are counterfeit spiritual gifts....that there is a counterfeit tongues, that there is a counterfeit healing gift, that there are counterfeit spiritual gifts that copy all the real gifts. I also am convinced that there are evil spiritual "gifts' that bear absolutely no resemblance to the real biblical spiritual gifts.
  • Second 8th Week Ministries :( - part 8 - the final part

    5 Jul 2008, 20:50 by Arwen4CJ

    It seems that JoAnne Cremer is still at it, though it looks that she has started her own ministry group. She still uses the phrases and words that she used when she was part of Second 8th Week Ministries. I wonder whether or not her new ministry is just a cover for Second 8th Week teachings, since it has been repeatedly exposed as a cult on MySpace.

    So she's now spreading Latter Rain teachings?

    Taken from the above website:
    Latter Rain
    Heretical movement popularized by Franklin Hall, William Branham, George Warnock, John Robert Stevens, etcetera. Elements of Latter Rain teachings are today being taught within certain renewal and revival movements.

    Considered to be one of today's most dangerous false teachings in the church, the movement's doctrines are taught and supported by a wide range of controversial teachers. They include Rick Joyner, C. Peter Wagner, Paul Cain, Cindy Jacobs, Bill Hamon, and countless others.

  • Second 8th Week Ministries :( - Part 7 - More reactions

    5 Jul 2008, 20:34 by Arwen4CJ

    My friends and I on MySpace were talking about JoAnne Cremer for a while, discussing what we saw as false teachings. One of my friends asked JoAnne Cremer for her teaching on the Trinity. (This friend had been on her friend list...but once my friend asked that question, JoAnne deleted her. - And then once I read some other sites that exposed Second 8th week ministries, I saw that they DIDN'T teach the Trinity, and that they didn't believe in it. That is the background for this comment:

    Now we know why she wouldn't talk about the Trinity or the Holy Spirit....she doesn't believe in either, in reality....just as I suspected, they put the creeds and stated the doctrine of the trinity in order to appear orthodox.

    There are other websites that expose 2nd 8th week...:

    In response to another friends comment:
  • Second 8th Week Ministries :( - Part 6 - Confrontation

    5 Jul 2008, 20:01 by Arwen4CJ

    Here is a transcript of a debate that I had with Apostate JoAnne Cremer in a MySpace group. These are taken from several topics, as you will probably be able to tell as you read it. Please read and judge for yourselves:

    Apostle JoAnne Cremer wrote:
    Dear Friends,

    I would like to share the truth with you concerning the perspective of God as concerning gender, and females fulfilling a role in the spiritual government of God. When the Church became disconnected from the Headship of Christ, many false teachings prevailed which cast a shadow of shame upon the gospel, upon the gender of women and upon the ministry of the 5 callings. Second 8th Week Apostles are restoring to the Church the truth of the gospel and returning to the Church the many gifts that were lost or titrated with the traditions of carnality. The statues and judgments that Apostle Paul set in place to deal with a cultural problem have been errantly interpreted as a new covenant commandment. …
  • Second 8th Week Ministries :( - Part 5 - Correspondence with JoAnne Cremer

    5 Jul 2008, 19:11 by Arwen4CJ

    Original Message to JoAnne Cremer:

    I was wondering if you could tell me why you call yourself an Apostle....and also why others in the second 8th week ministry call themselves apostles. I was also wondering if you could explain more what you believe the gospel message is.

    The reason I'm doing this is because a friend of mine asked me what I thought of you. I had never heard of you or your ministry program before....so I wanted you to answer those questions for me. Thank you.

    "Apostle" JoAnne Cremer's response to me:
    From: Apostle JoAnne Cremer

    Dear Melissa,

    I identify my calling because it is important for Christians to know who to come to to receive their accredited education to Christ and the New Covenant. Apostles are the authorized office of the Government of God to disseminate the gospel. The early apostles also identied their calling too. This is not a boast, but important so that you know who is the authorized contact point for your faith. …
  • Secon 8th Week Ministries :( - Part 4 - First imprressions of her

    5 Jul 2008, 18:20 by Arwen4CJ

    This is my response to my friend after I looked over her website:

    First glimpse:
    As to the Apostle JoAnne stuff, I went to their website...they have a statement of faith posted. I read it. It seems to be okay, but it's not very detailed. That could be a problem.

    There's another kind of cult that permeates a lot of stuff in society, and that's the New Age Movement. It seeks to replace God with self. The New Thought movement is related to it. I'm a little concerned that this second 8th week may have a little of this stuff in it.

    Something bothers me about this ministry...and I'm not exactly sure what it is. I'd be very careful of them. One thing that puts up a red flag for me is that she calls herself an Apostle.

    I think I'm going to send her a message here on MySpace and ask her why she calls herself an apostle. Paul was an apostle and so were the disciples....because they lived in the timeframe of Jesus.

    This 8th week ministry reminds me of a cult or something. …
  • Second 8th Week Ministries :( - Part 3 - how I heard about this "ministry"

    5 Jul 2008, 17:51 by Arwen4CJ

    I should probably lay out for you how I heard about this "ministry" as well as my reactions to it.

    I heard about JoAnne Cremer and Second 8th Week Ministries through an online friend on MySpace. He was a very new Christian, and he was not raised as a Christian. To make matters harder, he is from a country that has very few Christians....he was never really exposed to Christianity much.

    He told me that he was trying to get whatever information he could about Jesus and about the Christian faith...and he had been in contact with several different "ministries" on MySpace. I told him to be very careful because there are a lot of false teachers out there. Well, as it turned out he ended up asking me to look at two of the people that he had been listening to, and one of them was "Apostle" JoAnne Cremer. He gave me her MySpace page and links to her websites. I looked at her MySpace page, her blog, and her website, along with the official Second 8th Week ministries site. …
  • Second 8th Week Ministries :( - Part 2 - Exposing the False Teachings

    5 Jul 2008, 17:28 by Arwen4CJ

    Check this link out:


    This link is to expose the hidden teachings of the false apostle from the Second 8th Week. The first one covered, after this brief introduction, will be this false apostles teaching called "the baptism of light."

    Mark 4:22
    These are the words of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    “For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed,
    Nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light.

    First we will explain how we obtained these teachings.
    Everything we testify to will be the absolute truth. For if we lie, or exaggerate we will be guilty of breaking Gods 9th Commandment “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” (Exodus 20:16), and we will not do that. We have nothing to hide.

    On March 4th, 2003 this false apostle took all of his websites off the internet.
    How to Have Perfect Faith
    Second 8th Week University
    Research on Cults
  • Second 8th Week Ministries :( - Part 1

    5 Jul 2008, 17:17 by Arwen4CJ

    It is very important that everyone reads this - and it links in with other things that have recently been going on in the church as a whole.....

    JoAnne Cremer tries to get people to rely on angles and she tries to assign them unbiblical roles, and giving them glory.

    I posted this on my MySpace blog this past fall, not knowing how much this would be relevant to refuting another ministry....

    Here is what my blog entry was about:
    There is someone on MySpace named Apostle JoAnne Cremer. She claims to be an Apostle, and she's with a group called Second 8th Week Ministries. They have online education, teachings, and they try to start churches.

    If anyone is into these teachings, you HAVE GOT TO GET OUT NOW!

    I was suspicious of her from the first time one of my friends told me about her. I listened to a couple of her lectures...there seemed to be something wrong with her teachings. She was relying on angels instead of the Holy Spirit. …