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  • Avatar for CompSimpCarl
    need west coast tour pleaseeeeeeeeee
  • Avatar for TwiceAtGloaming
    Shy Dogs came out of nowhere. I think I still like Jungle/Surf a bit more, but this is good too.
  • Avatar for Hulelam
    New album is a sweet improvement in my opinion
  • Avatar for nomoretears_
    é de um prazer imenso fazer parte desta bio. ♥
  • Avatar for nomoretears_
    new album please!
  • Avatar for nomoretears_
    I was scared at first but then I realized the "real trip"
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    Falling together into a canoe music
  • Avatar for huiva
    Listen to ambient / post- rock / lo-fi
  • Avatar for Clanhelio
    I was not prepared for this
  • Avatar for wildbeards
    accidentally scrobbled this 226 times last night. oh well.
  • Avatar for Gregreen
  • Avatar for iisforivan
    play a show in la
  • Avatar for babosch
    wtf is a hipster? seriously what T H E fuck is a hip ster?
  • Avatar for coolasmoons
    'Restless' is great, not especially experimental nor is it hipster garbage. Open your ears.
  • Avatar for molesteban
    i wasted 5 minutes youtubing whether this band was decent or not. 'experimental' if the experiment is smelling your own fart
  • Avatar for atiredmachine
    [track artist=Just Another Snake Cult]Crush in the Key of J[/track] -- you can download the album here:
  • Avatar for tokyochorus
    Hipster Garabe Appreciation Society [2]
  • Avatar for DevinKastler
    Nice bio
  • Avatar for autumngaze
  • Avatar for whohoojam
    Wasted By The Screen <3
  • Avatar for merickth
    fuck yeah
  • Avatar for PETEYPETEPETE
  • Avatar for eyesaresmiles
    Has the same sense of fun and wonder as Micachu.
  • Avatar for Gregreen
    lol whatever happened to these guys.
  • Avatar for 1111222334
    jungle/surf is exactly what i needed for summer.
  • Avatar for gabrielscalise
    everyone should probably listen to jungle / surf... cause its RAD!
  • Avatar for prismd
    pretty pretty.
  • Avatar for jukeboxr
    "Family Vacation" is warm and fuzzy.
  • Avatar for shirtshirtshirt
    This is like. The unicorns and Panda bear.
  • Avatar for iisforivan
    guided by guided by voices :)
  • Avatar for gabbagabbahey38
    I feel like I've been searching for something like this for months.
  • Avatar for prismd
    my god, they're intentionally out of rhythm.
  • Avatar for Gerard1992
    I don't even mind that they're out of rhythm sometimes. They play what they like, and those bands are the best! =D
  • Avatar for StreetStereo
    good to find you here love your sound
  • Avatar for jamesusillxd
    Terrible. [2]
  • Avatar for prismd
  • Avatar for Encryp7d
    this stuff is brilliant
  • Avatar for radiozak
    Hi! Album: [album artist=Pill Wonder]Jungle / Surf[/album] is the album of the week at Student Radio Żak of Technical University of Łódź. Keep on rocking! :)
  • Avatar for 140581
  • Avatar for cbarnhart
  • Avatar for plutoTheExile23
    jungle/surf is killing me
  • Avatar for samuelregan
    when did they blow up?
  • Avatar for Nthn_sms
    too bad his name is will murdoch
  • Avatar for roxo4prez
  • Avatar for sawaawawa
    just found em, lovin it.
  • Avatar for RobertSVW
  • Avatar for bkelleher
    will murder is a better name than pill wonder.
  • Avatar for Silvernymph
    LOVE Restless... I want to hear more in that vein.
  • Avatar for cashincheryl
    i love pill wonder more every day. the song with the elephant especially
  • Avatar for keithwarther
    totally awesome


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